Robert III

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Robert III
Charles, Prince of Wales at COP21.jpg
Robert in 2030
30 December 1978 - Present
2 September 1979
Heir apparentPrincess Luna
Prime MinistersSee list
Born (1962-02-21) 21 February 1962 (age 58)
12 Market Street, Mayweather, Lorwynne, United Kingdom
SpouseQueen Jane (m. 1981)
Full name
Robert William Francis
FatherRichard II
MotherCalanthe Hadrian-Tarracus
SignatureRobert III's signature
Military career
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United Kingdom
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Royal Navy
Years of service1977–1979
(active service)
Service number11,001

Robert II (Robert William Francis; born 21 February 1962) is King of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms

Robert was born in Lorwynne as the second child of the Prince and Princess of Angelum, later King Richard II and Calanthe Hadrian-Tarracus. Until his teens, he was privately educated at home. His father acceded to the throne after the death of Charles II in 1965, after which he was second in line for the throne, after his sister Queen Calanthe. He served in the Royal Navy between 1977 and 1979. In 1981 he married Jane, Duchess of Syrwenn, with whom he has four children: William, Prince of Angelum; Mary, Princess Royal; Prince Louis, Duke of Syrwenn; and Prince Charles, Earl of Suswex.

Robert acceded to the throne after his sister, Queen Calanthe suddenly passed away after her first year of reign. Robert is one of the few who acceded to the throne in their seventeen's.

In 1978 Robert became Head of the Commonwealth and king regnant of ___ independent Commonwealth countries: Roseney ____. He reigned through several major constitutional changes, such as ______ His many historical visits and meetings included ____ Significant events included his coronation in 1979 and the celebrations of his Silver and Gold Jubilees in 2003 and 2028 respectively.

Robert occasionally faced republican sentiments and press criticism of the royal family. However, support for the monarchy remains high, as does his personal popularity.

Early life

Heir presumptive


Public perception and character


Titles, styles, honours, and arms

Titles and styles

  • 21 February 1962 – 30 December 1978: His Royal Highness Prince Robert of Rottham
  • 30 December 1978 – Present: His Majesty The King

Robert has held many titles and honorary military positions throughout the Commonwealth, is Sovereign of many orders in his own countries and has received honours and awards from around the world. In each of his realms, he has a distinct title that follows a similar formula: King of Helvianir and her other realms and territories in Helvianir, etc. In the crown dependencies, rather than separate realms, he is known as either Duke or Lord. Additional styles include Defender of the Faith and Duke of Tiberia. When in conversation with the King, the practice is to initially address him as Your Majesty and thereafter as Sir


From his birth until his accession, Robert's arms consisted of the royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom, without supporters and the Order of Solomon on his personal arms. Upon accession, he inherited the various arms his father held as sovereign. The King also possesses royal standards and personal flags for use in the United Kingdom, Roseney and ____.

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Coat of Arms of Prince Robert (1962-1979)
Personal Coat of Arms of King Robert III
Coat of arms of King Robert II in Great Helvianir
Coat of arms of King Robert II in Roseney
Arms of House Rottham
Arms of House Rottham for Robert III, Head of the House Rottham


Name Life Marriage Their children Their grandchildren
Birth Death Date Spouse
William, Prince of Angelum 12 July 1987 27 December 2022
Motorvehicle accident
11 September 2007 Lady Rosalinda Rhodes Princess Luna None
Mary, Princess Royal 12 July 1987 27 December 2022
Motorvehicle accident
15 January 2009 Peter Fortuijn Karel Fortuijn Sarah Fortuijn
Willem Fortuijn
Prince Louis, Duke of Syrwenn 25 November 1990 Alive 10 August 2010
Divorced 5 March 2015
Stefani Waterman Richard Rottham None
15 December 2020 Hoshiko Suzuki Leann Rottham None
Prince Charles, Earl of Suswex 30 March 1993 Alive 10 June 2013 Jasper Vandale None


8. King Robert I of the United Kingdom
4. King Robert II of the United Kingdom
9. Princess Leah of Pauldustllah
2. King Richard II of the United Kingdom
10. Great Prince August I of Burgundie
5. Princess Rosemary of Burgundie
11. Julia Montull, Great Princess of Burgundie
1. King Robert III of the United Kingdom
12. TBD
6. TBD
13. TBD
3. Lady Calanthe Hadrian-Tarracus
14. TBD
7. TBD
15. TBD

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