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Sanae Province
Banlieueregis Sanae
Imperial Province
Landscape west of Genate with agricultural area
Landscape west of Genate with agricultural area
Flag of Sanae Province
Country Caphiria
Regions 8
Cities 20
Capital Genate
 • Praetor Otacico Petelerinus
Population (2030)
 • Total 48,120,819

The Province of Sanae (Banlieueregis Sanae), is an Imperial Province of the Imperium of Caphiria located south of Venceia. Sanae is known for its landscapes, traditions, history, artistic legacy, and influence on high culture. Sanae is also known for producing popular wines such as Cecella Rosado, Clallon Garrafeira, Avery Blanco, and Obe Frizzante.

Sanae is traditionally a popular destination in Imperium, with historical cities such as its capital Genate, Lusse, Solymbrogio, and Mussa being among the most popular.


The region is named for the Sanae people, a tribe of people which was absorbed by the expansion of the Caphiravians. Pliny the Elder recounted a fanciful derivation for the tribal name from the Greek ὄμβρος "a shower", which had led to the confused idea that they had survived the Deluge familiar from Greek mythology, giving them the claim to be the most ancient race in the region. In fact, they belonged to a broader family of neighboring peoples with similar roots. Their language was Arvenian, one of the Italic languages, related to Latin and Oscan.

The Sanae probably sprang, like neighbouring tribes, from the creators of the Shaeniite, and Plecic culture in northern and central Ixnay, who entered north-eastern IxProp at the beginning of the Bronze Age.

The Astrusin were the chief enemies of the Sanae. The Sanae invasion went from the western seaboard towards the north and east (lasting from about 700 to 500 BC), eventually driving the Sanae towards the uplands and capturing 300 Astrusin towns. Nevertheless, the Sanae population does not seem to have been eradicated in the conquered districts.


Sanae is landlocked; it is bordered by the province of Orolitra in the northeast, Tiberni to its northwest, Sucalagio to its south east and Abderia to its southwest. The capital of Caphiria, Venceia is directly north of Sanae as well. The second, third and fourth tallest mountains are located in the center of Sanae at the Slegae Highlands, as well as a dozen hills in varying heights that are collectively called Judahs Hills.

Sanae is crossed by two valleys: the Arvenian valley ("Valle Arvenia"), stretching from Dubris to Cascantum, and the Cohir Valley ("Val Cohira"), west of the first one, from Chirico to the border with Eraculen. The Yvii River forms the approximate border with Eraculen, although its source is just over the Carnuntum border. The Yvii's three principal tributaries flow southward through Sanae.

In antiquity, the plain was covered by a pair of shallow, interlocking lakes, the Lacus Aelf and the Lacus Arven. They were drained by the Caphiravians over several hundred years. An earthquake in the 4th century and the political collapse of the Caphiravian Republic resulted in the refilling of the basin. It was drained a second time, almost a thousand years later, during a 500-year period.






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