Second Gabbenian War

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Second Gabbenian War
Part of Gabbenian Border Conflict
Old Magnian Fortification.jpg
An old Magnian fortification that was used in the Second Gabbenian War, found in the eastern and rural part of present day Abbreggen.
Date24 July 1295 – 14 May 1300
(4 years, 9 months, 2 weeks and 6 days)

Magnian Victory

  • Magnians conquer the Gabbenian Land Bridge and territory in Southern Gabben.
    • Mortropivs captured by the Magnians are deported Mortropivia (Now part of the Mortropiv Union).
  • Magnians secure Eastern Suderavia as the Lacronitine Empire agrees to surrender.
  • The Lacronitine Empire conquers much of Southern Gabben and an enclave in Magnia (in present day Stagnum City).
  • The Lacronitine Empire is forced to help get rid of the Mortropiv population.
    • Mortropivs captured by the Lacronitines are brought to concentration camps (in present day Stagnum City).

Northern Cronan Mortropiv Territory

Mortropiv Gabben
Magnian Slave Rebellions

Lacronitine Empire

Members of the Lacronitine Empire
Las Aconitas
Lacronitine North Gabben

Cronan Burgundie (Magnia)

Burgundie (Via Bladerunner Recruitment)

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