South Nysdra War

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South Nysdra War
Part of The Deluge
Philippine, US Marines successfully complete culminating events shoulder-to-shoulder 140512-M-PK536-005.jpg
Urcean and Quetzenkel Legitimist troops securing crossings into Cetsencalia
Date3 August 2034-25 September 2036
LocationQuetzenkel, Cetsencalia

Legitimist victory

  • Urcea
  • New Yustona
  • Legitmists (from 2036)
  • Supported By:

  • Quetzenkel (to 2035)
  • National Unity Front (from 2035)
  • Sons of Levantia
  • Supported By:

    Commanders and leaders
  • Martin St. Clair
  • Telucti Cheveyo
  • Quetzen XXIII (to 2034)
  • Quetzen XXIV
  • Achak III
  • Disputed

    The South Nysdra War was a war in western Crona. The war involved multiple phases and combatants, but the conflict was been largely related to the status of Quetzenkel as an outgrowth of its ongoing political instability.