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==Professional wrestling style and persona==
[[File:Batista with World Heavyweight Championship.jpg|thumb|Imperator after winning the [[2035 FRY Championship]]]]
Playing on his [[Caphiria|Caphiric]] background, Imperator developed his on-stage character with the help of [[FRY]] executive [[Arsenne de Manne]]. Imperator's on-stage character is somewhere in between a [[Professional wrestling in Yonderre#Face|face]] and a [[Professional wrestling in Yonderre#Heel|Heelheel]], fighting fair and generally avoiding unsportsmanlike behaviour. As part of [[FRY]]'s [[FRY#Octane_generation|Octane Generation]], Imperator fought fights energetically and with a lot of showmanship unlike the previous [[FRY#Octane_generation|Spiteful Generation]]. 
==Acting career==
Imperator has appeared in eleven films and several TV series, often playing as his on-stage persona in the latter. Most notably, he starred as the villain in the [[2026]] fantasy action movie [[Day of the Dragon]], his debuting role. Although the film received mix responses, Imperator and his performance was praised as one of the strongest points of the film.


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