St. Cyril's Royal Academy of Butlership and Chauffeurage

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St. Cyril's Royal Academy of Butlership and Chauffeurage
Butler School Logo.png
Motto En servei, gracie. En gracie, perfeccio.
Motto in English
In service, grace. In grace, perfection.
Established 1721 (1721)
Chancellor Herold Vichienne XVI
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 253
Location Granblaix, Argenbagne, Burgundie
Colors White and Black
Mascot Lumiere

An accredited 2 and 4-year program institution of higher education in Granblaix, Argenbagne, Burgundie, the St. Cyril's Royal Academy of Butlership and Chauffeurage has 253 undergraduate students. The 4 programs offered by the school are centered around the art of butlery, hospitality management, and chauffeuring. The school has served those in service to many of the highest Grandees of Burgundie and Ultmar as well as a number of other courts. Many of the 5 and 6 star hotels in The Burgundies send their junior management and concierge staff to St. Cyril's as part of the professional development offerings.


Founded in 1721 by Herold Vichienne VII in order to better establish a, "Standard ETc Redi Cohort of Bergundiens, To Anser the Cull of The Nobel Classes." It was the opinion of Herold that the art of service was degenerating on the Isle of Burgundie and he wanted to maintain the highest standards as a matter of regional and ethnic pride for the Bergendii. In reference to its suzrain relationship with Kuhlfros at the time Vichienne wrote, "If Nao Is Not Our Thyme To Rool Ourselfs, Than It Is Ours To Serv Ouith Dignetee, Untill Our Rool Upon Ourselfs Is Relized." The school was a finishing school for lower middle class workers looking to rise above menial labor service, but who did not have the education to get jobs as functionaries or supervisors in other types of work. For almost 200 years the revenue model was such that the schooling was free and the house that employed the graduate would


Since 1985 the academy has been an accredited two-year college. Originally the two degrees offered were an Associate of Arts in Household Management also know as Butlership and a 6-month certification in Chaufferage. Due to low enrollment, in 2009, an Associates of Arts in Hospitality Management was added. In 2019, the Chaufferage certification was elevated to an Associates of Science and the Hospitality Management program was elevated to a Bachelor of Arts.

Bachelors of Hospitality Management

Associates of Butlership

Associates of Chaufferage

Rapid Deployment Chaufferage Certification

This course was designed for aide-de-camps of the Burgundian High Command and drivers of the Diplomatic Corps, in the 1930s. The original contract was to provide the course once a year for 4 weeks. For the first 50 years, class sizes were around 30 drivers. In the late 80s, the military cut back on "provided services" for all but the highest ranking officers to save money. Class size dwindled to around 3 and the course was no longer economically viable. It was canceled in 1996.

In 2024, when Herold Vichienne XVI took over the school from his father, introduced a new version of the course for the private sector focused on high livery companies. The course struggled to find its audience until 2029. Herold took out a sponsorship for the Anghel Octan Racing and was propelled to international fame in a single racing season. In 2030 the course had 28 participants. In 2031, the course was offered three times, each time maxing out at 30 drivers.

Students learn car handling, defensive driving, customer service, car maintenance, and Burgundian traffic law.

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