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This article is non-canonical; it is no longer part of the regional lore, either because the associated nations have left the region or the information has been retconned.
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Strajlydzar Corps
Korba Strajlydzara
Korba Strajlydzara
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Banner of the Strajlydzar
Active1506 - Present
AllegianceKing of Zwallerkad
TypeGuard Infantry
RoleSupport Infantry, Ceremonial guard
PatronSt. Gödmar Ljydkruss
Motto(s)"Nos potens illustris est"
Ultramarine, Black, Crimson, White
Mascot(s)The Bloodboar
KrenschellGheron Wakulniak
SchellAskil Zernegon
SchellVhural Hajnarad

The Stajlydzar (Singular: Strajlydz) are a famous Zwallerkaddian Royal Guard Unit. The unit is one of the most famed and respected units of the Zwallerkaddian military as well as one of the most professional.


The word Strajlydz was originally the name of a small noble house which often produced commanders to the royal army. The name is of unknown origin yet became famous when one of those royal commanders created the Strajlydz Gun in 1505 which was way ahead of its time. Of course the Crown was eager to use the weapon yet could not produce them en masse due to the costly, long and hard process of making the gun. Eventually, in 1506, it was decided to make a single royal unit armed with those guns under the command of commander Vitkar Strajlydz after which this unit became known as the Strajlydzar.


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Strajlydzar during the early days of the Guard
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Strajlydz firing a Strajlydz gun from his Bardiche

The Strajlydzar have had a long history during which their role and fortunes often changed. It was already from the beginning, as mentioned above, that the Strajlydzar were a special unit. This was not just because of their guns and, quickly adopted, bardiche axes but also because of their discipline and loyalty. Their first real engagement came in 1508 when they proved themselves during the Battle of Zotubor against the pretender Vanor Stranvak and at the Battle of Ythverek against the pirate lord lldragast. After these first distinguishments the Guard gained the support of the crown and under the second commander, Ilstruas Strajlydz (last of that house), they grew to a size of three thousand souls and were granted their first plot of land where they soon built their first city and soon to be headquarter, Drazubor. They continued to grow in size and wealth during the 16th century as they dutifully served the Gjaddrak and Stranvak kings. Though they fought various battles during these years it wasn't until the famous Wars of Gold and Iron that they really saw real active service again. As they were sworn to the Crown they initially sided with King Ghildin III yet as they marched to engage Irzad 'Ironcoin' and his legion they were bypassed and Ironcoin refused them in battle as he and his legion raced for Wogronzod, beating other royalist units in the progress. Instead, however, the Strajlydzar clashed with a Vledryker rebel army and won a decisive victory. Once they heard of Ironcoin's ascension, however, they swore fealty to him and continued to serve him loyally throughout the war, notably holding Wogronzod until the King's death. After Ironcoin's demise they followed Dagor II Goldhammer in his war against the Trade leagues and subsequently against the Gjaddrak pretenders.

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Strajlydzar fighting in the Wars of Gold and Iron

The Strajlydzar continued to serve the Crown after the Wars of Gold and Iron and were rewarded generousy each time, especially after their key role in the War of the Goat. So it came that the Guard unit eventually became estate owners as well as they by now possessed lands and assets throughout the realm not to metion a vast wealth. Though this did not corrupt the Guard many nobles got envious and in 1706 the King, under pressure from the Tivvigg, demanded the Guard to surrender all wealth and lands to the crown as befit a royal guard. Angered, the Guard captured the king, Avlarad I Stranvak, after deafeating the Palace Guard, and forced him to revoke his demands. Now the Strajlydzar controlled the King and therefore the kingdom which upset the nobility and eventually this was one of the reasons for the Mad Duke's War. After the royal victory in this war the Strajlydzar reached their eclipse of power as they owned half the kingdom and controlled the crown. However, when King Avlarad suddenly died the new King Ghildin V escaped from their grasped and under his command the royal army broke the Strajlydzar and forced them to bend the knee. After this they lost half their lands, assets andwealth and they were purged and reformed to resume their old task of Guarding the King's authority.

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Strajlydzar patrolling the streets of Drazubor

The Zwallerkaddian Revolution changed everything for the Strajlydzar. During the Revolution they fought valiantly against the republican rebels and by now they were not supporting either the Gjaddrak or the Stranvak pretenders but rather the monarchy itself as they faced multiple rebel armies before they retreated, undefeated, to Wogronzod as it became clear that it was no war they could win. For nearly a year the Strajlydzar held Wogronzod and Drazubor and repelled all republican assaults. Eventually, seeing the monarchy was lost, they surrendered. Though they were allowed to remain and could even rule their city of Drazubor all other possessions were lost, the corps was reduced to one regiment (two under the ast republican Lord Protector, Bjarvald Svorssen) and heavy weapons were prohibited. Under these terms the Strajlydzar continued as they always had, only they now guarded a city rather than a king. During the 2026 Monarchist Coup, the Strajlydzar were among the first units to support the coup and were amongst the units securing the capital for the newly announced Kingdom. Afterwards they were rewarded with some possessions and were allowed to grow in size (one regiment for now) and use heavy weapons as well. Besides this they were restored as Royal Guard after a month. Since the outbreak of the Guultryk Rebellion one Regiment is present in Guultruk.

Command Structure

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Regimental Uniforms
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Regimental banners

The Strajlydzar Corps is split in three regiments, each of these commanded by a Shield (Schell). The regiments can completely function on their own though they can also as a unit together. This also means that both the Corps an sich as well as the individual regiments have got their own identity which is for example shown by Regimental uniforms. Another way to symbolize this double identity is the special command structure as each regiment has its own command headed by a Shield and the Corps as a whole is led by a council of Shields which is headed by the Crown Shield or Krenschell who is a first among equals in order to ensure the effectiveness of command in times of war. The Krenschell is a rotating possession held for a year by each of the Shields.

Table of Ranks
Zwallerkaddian English
Krenschell Crown Shield
Schell Shield
Sodschell Sub-Shield
Kapdan Captain
Lednez Lieutenant

Training and Equipment

As befit a royal guard unit with the renown of the Strajlydzar Corps there are high demands to becoming a Strajlydz. To become a recruit one needs to be born a Zwallerkaddian and the grandparents to each side must be Zwallerkaddians as well. Further more the recruits need to be catholic, young than 25 years old, mentally and physically in a healthy state and with a 'clean' past which means no criminal and no antinational or antimonarchial record. After an elaborate review the recruits will become part of a tough training program meant to select the worthy candidates. These will start the actual training program during which is centered around loyalty and strength (of both mind and body). During the training the recruits do not only receive military training but also lessons about the guard's history and rules, military history and various administrative as well as political aspects. Furthermore extensive training in duelling and hand-to-hand combat are in place as well with a notable focus on the usage of the typical Strajlydzar Bardiche Axe which all guarsmen should be able to handle well before finishing the training stage. Once a recruit is deemed ready to become a Strajlydz he has to do a night watch before ceremonially swearing the Strajlydz vow and becoming a Guard member. Of course guard members still train every day to retain their abilities.

Equipment List

Hand Weapons
Name Picture
Strajlydz Bardiche
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Strajlydz Blade
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Strajlydz Knife
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Small weapons
Name Specifications Picture
LM-20 Riot Pistol
  • 20 gauge shell
  • shells include: rubber bullets, tear gas, bean bag, buck shot, slug
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LM-19 Dienstrevolver
  • .357 Magnum (9×33mm) cartridge
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LM-126 Assault Rifle
  • 6.5mm Grendel (6.5×39mm) cartridge
  • can be rechambered as requested
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LM-132 Battle Rifle
  • 6.5mm Grendel (6.5×39mm) cartridge
  • can be rechambered as requested
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Infantry Fighting Vehicles
Name Type Picture
Rapadzör Infantry Support Tank
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Grönhamr Main Battle Tank
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Vrasjnovak Main Battle Tank
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