Talion Conflict

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Talion War
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Amerigan paratroopers in undisclosed location,

Amerigan paratroopers of the 505th Regimental Combat Team, 105th Airborne Division, prepare to initiate contact
Date5 October, 2026 - 24 December, 2028
LocationWestern Talion Union
Result Military Stalemate; Talion Union Divided Along Demilitarized Zone into Western Talion Union, and Royal Talion Union, respectively as protectorates of Yytuskia and North Amerigo
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United States of North Amerigo
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Army Of God
Commanders and leaders
Parker Reynold (President, 2026-2030) Eduard Schoenburg (Premierfuhrer, 2025-2030) Unknown
Units involved
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505th Regimental Combat Team, 105th Airborne Division
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17th Motorized Division
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Unknown (Estimated 5000)
Casualties and losses
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9,679 (Amerigan Military Numbers)
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22,500 (Yytuskian Military Numbers)
3,824 Confirmed Dead (Talion Union Counts)

The Talion Conflict or Talion War refers to a conflict that began when Yytuskia invaded the Talion Union on October 5th, 2026. On December 13, 2026, Amerigan military forces intervened and came to the immediate aid of the Talion Union with an airborne invasion and multiple bombing campaign, this operation is referred to by the Amerigan military as "Operation Aegis 26." The Talion Union was ruled by a monarchy which had begun to collapse in 2026, at this time, the Yytuskian 17th Motorized Division carried out orders to invade and annex the Talion Union's Western Military District on October 5.

In the first year, fighting largely stalemated along the western front, when the Talion Military, scattered and isolated, was reinforced by experienced pockets of the Amerigan 105th Airborne Division and 505th Regimenal Combat Team, along with support from various bomber squadrons and a steady stream of reinforcements from Joint KATI bases in Kiravian colonies.

In 2027, North Amerigo then began its advance along the western front, the 105th Airborne Division lead a large counterattack starting in the city of Markhus Creek, supported by attack aircraft stationed in the Sakhalins Islands, the Yytuskian Military also launched it's own counterattack, bogging down the advance of Amerigan troops. 2027 also marked the arrival of Kistani mechanized reinforcements, helping bolster the 505th Regimental Combat Team.

A nuclear detonation by Talion rebels who acquired an Ivy Mike thermonuclear warhead, detonated it just north of Markhus Creek in an attempt to obliterate Amerigan and Yytuskian troops and end the war. Both factions evacuated the city of Markhus Creek, however, the conflict did not end. North Amerigo attempted to end the war in 2028, even attacking the Yytuskian island territory of Escal, mounting a special forces assault supported by naval and aerial bombardment. This tactic partially succeeded and a ceasefire was signed, shortly after in 2028, a treaty was signed dividing the Talion Union along a self governed demilitarized zone. Eastern Royal Talion is a protectorate of the United States of North Amerigo, and the Talion Union west of the self governing Talion Republic was incorporated into the Social Republic of Yytuskia and Helvana.