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Capital of Roln
Downtown Tariege
Downtown Tariege
Nation Burgundie
Country Burgundie
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Burgundie Timbersports Finals

Hosted in the 2nd weekend of November, the "Finals" are a 7 event lumberjacking competition that pit competitors in three categories, Men, Women, and Juniors Combined. The three concurrent competitions were designed in the 1980s to revitalize interest in and engage the youth in the timber industry in Burgundie, which had seen a marked decline in new employees since the end of the Great War in 1953. The first televised timbersport competition was in 1989 when it was broadcast on a local station, but in 1994 it received nation-wide syndication. In 2003, the Burgundie National Timbersports League was formed when the Flordeterra, Ultmar, and Wintergen Leagues convened into a singular tournament circuit, all culminating at the Finals in Tariege. The television rights are also licensed to some regional channels in Kistan, and Kuhlfros, and the spectacle is well attended by Feinii from all three countries. Winners of the Finals are often fast tracked to the Burgundian, Kistani, or Kuhlfrosi World Logging Championship teams.

  • Ultmar Feinii Celtic Festival, September
  • Roln Grand Cèilidh, 1st weekend of January

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