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Burgundian Royalty
House of Christensen-Fakolan
Jörg II, Empress Helina of the Fakolan Empire
Children of Jörg II
Kliebold III
Grandchildren of Jörg II
Crown Prince Olan Christensen, Duke of Westmarch
Princess Marta Christensen, Countess of Konnors
Prince Hansel Christensen, Count of Wintergen
Great-grandchildren of Jörg II
Haddock Christensen
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This template should be called by passing a variable to it for the closest monarch of the House of Christensen-Fakolan. For example, {{House of Christensen-Fakolan|Kliebold III}}. This calls only the relevant part of the template, as well as getting around the fair use violation that would occur if the arms images were directly on this template.


Kliebold III - for Jörg II's first-generation descendants
Kliebold IV - for Jörg II's second-generation descendants
TBD - for Jörg II's third-generation descendants
Haddock - for Prince Haddock and his descendants