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De sjabloonbeschrijving hieronder wordt niet afgebeeld wanneer het sjabloon wordt geplaatst.


Goal of In the News: A navigation tool that users can use and read about recent news and find information about it. This template is found on the Main Page and Portal:In the News.


  • no more than three newsitems – please move the oldest item to Earlier in the News
  • vary the items so that many IxWiki articles can be reached
  • Give a short but powerful description
  • Prefered use is present tense
  • Fill all parameters of the template.


  • Restrict internal links to key limbs, not every word needs an internal link
  • Try to limit the use of red articles
  • Link the title to something relevant: >>[[Helvianir|President Isaak signs new Healthcare Bill]]


  • Do: An important event in the world news
  • Don't: Recurring events, unless something special happens
  • Don't: Opinions, for example from politicians
  • Don't: Deaths; Except in exceptional cases such as murder of a person or interest.


  • Always check if you do not link to an redirect
22 jul Mjölnir United wins the FFA Eredivisie
Mjölnir United has won the FFA Eredivisie, the top-tier league in Helvianir in a 7-1 match against FC Swaertesee
10 sep CUDA holds conference on Lithuania Crisis
The national leaders of the CUDA member states are engaged in an emergency conference to determine what course to take in the Lithuania Crisis.
jan 04