Waldemar Medical and Academic Area

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The Waldemar Medical and Academic Area (also known as Waldemar Medical Area, WMA, or simply Waldemar) is a medical campus in Vilauristre, Burgundie. Flanking Waldemar Avenue, as it runs from Hetsen Boulevard to the Harborwalk, the WMA is the most densely populated healthcare research area in all of Ixnay.The WMA receives approximately $1.7 billion/year in grant funding and is currently developing research and patient care space on an average of 1 million sq. ft. per year.

It is most strongly associated with the Seager Medical School, the Seager School of Public Health, the Seager School of Dental Medicine and other medical facilities such as Seager's teaching hospitals, but prominent non-Seager institutions are located there as well, such as Burgundian College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, museums, liberal arts colleges, and research centers.

Hospitals and research institutions

  • City Hospital and Medical Center
  • Vilauristre Children's Hospital (VCH) or "Children's"
  • Hortia Hospital for Women or "Women's Hospital"
  • Jean Lucas Center for Cancer Treatment and Research
  • Waldermar General Hospital or "the General"
  • Jaquard Institute for Bio-Engineering

Schools and colleges

  • Seager Medical School or "SeagerMed"
  • Seager School of Dental Medicine
  • Seager School of Public Health (SSPH)
  • Vilauristre College of Art and Design or KönKunt
  • Burgundian College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences or "BurgPharma"
  • North Levantine University (NLU)
  • Burgundie Maritime Academy (BMA)
  • Marialanus Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Vilauristre Teaching College
  • Viceroy's Select School (for boys)
  • Viceroy's Select School (for girls)
  • Papal Ecclesiastical College

Research Organizations

  • O'Shea Chemical Research Facility
  • Waldemar Pharmaceuticals
  • Center for Science Innovations and Design
  • BioMed Group
  • Doppel Institute for BioResearch
  • Bergia BioStat

Government Agencies

  • Vilauristre Department of Public Health Preparedness
  • Burgundie Department of Public Health (DPH)
  • Emergency Management Office of Burgundie (EMOB)

Non-Government Agencies

  • Diocese of Vilauristre Chapter, Catholic Society for Public Hygiene


WMA receives electrical power, cooling and heating from a tidal power generation facility, the Waldemar Energy Plant, which is located in the outer harbor just off the WMA campus.

Environmental Concerns

The multi-functional WMA Sea Wall

Due to sea level rise, the WMA's location, immediately on the inner harbor, has raised concerns about the environmental security of the campus. A recent design by a student of the Marialanus Institute of Technology lead to a multi-functional seawall being built along the Harborwalk. It both increases parking for the WMA, serves as a mitigation measure for sea-level rise and also has created a public beach. The beach was named in honor of the student, the Philippe Beach.

Additional subterranean flood prevention measures have also begun to further reinforce the foundations of the WMA buildings and prevent flood damage.