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Commonwealth of Burgundie
Mainland Province
COA of Burdeboch
COA of Burdeboch
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CountryBurgundie flag.png Burgundie
Capital CityDorft
 • Total108,598.2 km2 (41,930.0 sq mi)
 • Total34,441,850
 • Density320/km2 (820/sq mi)

Burdeboch is a Commonwealth in the country of Burgundie.


Coal region

The coal region of Burdeboch is dominated by communities built along mine shaft openings of lignite coal seams on the western slope of Mont Thaphita. The mining in the area started in 1857. At first the two mines that opened that year became over 50 by the 1920s. The villages built up across the foothills and valleys for the families of the miners and bargemen. The coal region had approximately 2,000 inhabitants in the 1840s, and almost 15,000 by 1924. It was a crucial part of the Navy of Burgundie's supply chain as it adjusted to steam and also for the later stages of the industrial revolution.

Growth was impacted by the announcement of Royal Order for the Renaissance of Blue Sky Cities of 1887, but the need for coal even for this effort soon saw another boom in the area as coal plants were erected to support the steam turbines. The War of Faskano Strait made Burgundie realize it needed to update its navy and the Second Fratricide confirmed the new trend of coal powered ships, all of which benefited the Burdebochoise coal industry. By the end of the Great War and the return of the soldiers, sailors, marines, and other servicemembers the region numbered 22,000 residents.