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:{{flagicon image|Cronzcovina Flag.jpg}} [[Diamavya]]
:{{flagicon image|Cronzcovina Flag.jpg}} [[Diamavya]]
:{{flagicon image|Ehemo flag.png}} [[Ehemo]]
:{{flagicon image|Ehemo flag.png}} [[Ehemo]]
:{{flagicon image|Republika Kartejya flag.png}} [[Kartejya]] (Disputed)
:{{flagicon image|Kelekona flag.png}} [[Kelekona]]
:{{flagicon image|Kelekona flag.png}} [[Kelekona]]
:{{flagicon image|KiravianFlag.png}} [[Kiravia]]
:{{flagicon image|KiravianFlag.png}} [[Kiravia]]
:{{flagicon image|Republika Kartejya flag.png}} [[Republika Kartejya]] (Disputed)
|combatant1a = Supported by:
|combatant1a = Supported by:
:{{flagicon image|Anta Carda Flag.png}} [[Anta Carda]]
:{{flagicon image|Anta Carda Flag.png}} [[Anta Carda]]
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:{{flagicon image|HekuFlagNew.png}} [[Caphiria]]
:{{flagicon image|HekuFlagNew.png}} [[Caphiria]]
:{{flagicon image|Mortropiv Flag.png}} [[Mortropiv Union|The Mortropiv Union]]
:{{flagicon image|Mortropiv Flag.png}} [[Mortropiv Union|The Mortropiv Union]]
|combatant2  = '''PRA (The Punthite Revolutionary Army)'''<br> (The Punthite Bloc)
|combatant2  = '''CRA (The Cronan Revolutionary Alliance)'''<br> (The Cronan Bloc)
:{{flagicon image|The Punthite Republic Flag.png}} [[Cronan Republic]]
:{{flagicon image|Pankara Flag.png}} [[Pankara]]
:{{flagicon image|Pankara Flag.png}} [[Pankara]]
:{{flagicon image|The Punthite Republic Flag.png}} [[Punthite Republic|The Punthite Republic]]
:{{flagicon image|Titechaxha flag.png}} [[Titechaxha]]
:{{flagicon image|Titechaxha flag.png}} [[Titechaxha]]
:{{flagicon image|Ulaga Flag.png}} [[Ulaga]]
:{{flagicon image|Ulaga Flag.png}} [[Ulaga]]

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Crono-Diamav War
Part of The Deluge
Bombing of Zakhir.jpg
Air raid conducted by the Diamavyan Air Force on the outskirts of the city of Zakhir, near the Pankara-Porlos border.
DateMid-2034 – Present
LocationThe Aquilonem Ocean and Crona
Result Ongoing

D25 (The Defense of the 25th Parallel)
(The Diamavyan Bloc)

Kartejya (Disputed)

CRA (The Cronan Revolutionary Alliance)
(The Cronan Bloc)

Cronan Republic

The Continentals
(The Neutral Bloc)

LoN Peacekeeping Forces

Supported by:

Anta Carda
23x15px Telonaticolan

Supported by:

23x15px Algoquona
Nanseetucket (After Corumm-Nanseetucket Conflict)
Quetzenkel (After October, 2035)

Supported by:

23x15px Sabnaki

Aligned with the D25:

The Mortropiv Union

Aligned with the PRA:

23x15px Crona Sustadah

Aligned with the Continentals:

Nanseetucket (Until Corumm-Nanseetucket Conflict)
Quetzenkel (Until October, 2035)
League of Nations

The Crono-Diamav War is a multi-front war between the Defense of the 25th Parallel and the Cronan Revolutionary Army in Central Crona. The war involves a multitude of outside powers, with the main contributors being Corumm, Diamavya, and Kiravia. Despite only beginning in the summer of 2034, it has already been called one of the bloodiest and most violent conflicts in contemporary history.


Antecedent Causes

Disputed Kartejyan Territory

Since 2016, Pankaryan forces have disregarded the disputed status of Kartejya and denied the right to self-determination to the people of Kartejya. The army of the Pankaryan Stratocracy targeted small rural towns in Kartejya in a seemingly random pattern as to feed chaos in the region and spread fear and uncertainty in the populous. Though Kartejya is often considered one of Crona's model democracies, it has since lost the support of nations around the world as the situation in the country remains extremely fragile. Much of the Pankaryan occupied Kartejyan territory has remained in the control of Pankara, but the territory has not kept any semblance of stability, as no form of government exists in this territory outside of brutal force from the Pankaryan army. The people living in this territory suffer from the ruthlessness of the Cronan Revolutionary Army, and townspeople outside of major urban centers are regularly beat into submission by corrupt and drunk soldiers.

Immediate Causes

BMO Bogshire Terrorist Attack

The first noted incidence of hostility between belligerent nations began in 2033 when the BMO Bogshire Tower was targeted in a large scale terrorist attack by a group known as Crona Sustadah. The group hacked television broadcasts minutes before the massive explosion went off in the tower. In their message an official from the group said the following, "We are the representatives of those who have been abused by this corrupt and uncaring government. We are the people who will bring an end to the human rights abuse committed by Diamavyan corporations overseas, we are those who will no longer stay silent in this immoral country. We are the Crona Sustadah, and this is only our beginning." The broadcast ended abruptly as the BMO Bogshire Tower began going up in flames. The explosion was massive enough to bring down the tower in a number of minutes, and significant damage was done to surrounding buildings. The origins of the broadcast from Crona Sustadah were traced back to a rural southwestern part of the Cronan Republic. This prompted the Diamavyan government to demand a response from the Cronan Republic. Government official from the Cronan Republic expressed no sympathy or cooperation in light of the attack, and even noted that this was bound to happen with the gross discrimination Diamavya commits against the Cronan people globally. The casualties of the incident were innumerable and the populace was furious at the National Conservative Party of Diamavya. This prompted a flash election after the NCPD lost confidence in the house of commons. The Las Acronitas Revolutionaries, a radical militarist and libertarian political party, skyrocketed in support and easily won the election.

Kiravian Expansionism

During the First Colonial Expansion, Kiravian and Levantine colonising powers projected their influence deeper into the interior of Lesser Crona than the extent of their 2034 colonial boundaries. Kiravian troops had, at various points in time, occupied large areas of what would become eastern Iriquona, which at their maximum reached as far north as the Algonquon lands. Although the northern frontier of Kiravian-administered Lesser Crona eventually stabilised at the Deep Loire River and the Iriquonan-speaking polities beyond it coalesced - at least nominally - into a unified nation-state with defined boundaries, commerce, migration, and other interactions across the Deep Loire would continue.

Diamavya, sharing a similar history in Crona to that of Kiravia came to the aid of Kiravia, with Kiravia doing the same in Central Crona. As the war wages on, Diamavyan and Kiravian troops have fought side by side to expand their influence onto the Cronan continent while not presenting their ulterior motive of neo-colonialism.

Though Diamavya supports the Ehemoan and Kartejyan forces, the northern half of the disputed territory is not significantly better off than the south, and faces daily missile barrages from the south, leaving entire towns reduced to rubble. Infrastructure costs for the Ehemoan and Kartejyan governments have been through the roof, and the populace of Ehemo has continued to protest the massive dept the kingdom is sinking into due to the effects of the war.


(Extremely WIP)

The Cronan Republic

Las Mahlentinas (The Malentines)

Ever since the Siege on Zihla Mahlenta (Upper Malentia) the D25 was able to steamroll through the entire archipelago, but convinced the CRA to bunker down in its position until and continue missile strikes on the islands. The islands are currently under Diamavyan sovereignty.

The Mainland

The mainland Cronan Republic remains virtually untouched by the D25, and has proven to be significantly more difficult to attack than previous campaigns would suggest.


Protests continue in Ehemo and it is suspected that high ranking government officials, including members of the royal family, have been influenced by Pankaryan and Varshani forces to conspire against the Defense of the 25th Parallel.


Pankaryan-Occupied Kartejya

Pankara still occupies much of southern Kartejya, even outside of its initial borders. Diamavyan, Ehemoan, and Kelekonan forces push vigorously to liberate the territory, but are met with an equal response from the Cronan Revolutionary Army.


One major skirmish has taken place in Ulaga's waters, but no assaults have been made on the mainland. Varshani forces broke up this skirmish and reportedly remained in the waters to aid Ulaga in the coming days.

Additional Minor Conflict Areas

  • Anta Carda
  • Diamavya
  • The Aquilonem Ocean
  • Varshan

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