1982 Republic Day revolution

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1982 Republic Day revolution
A crowd celebrates on a mutineer tank in Cape Town.
DateOctober 7, 1982 - December 12, 1982
Republic Square, Cape Town and a hundred cities nationwide
Caused by
GoalsEnd of the single-party rule of the Republican Nationalist Party, fullfilment of Restarkist democratic reforms, social equality, freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of the press.
MethodsPeaceful protests, hunger strikes, labour strikes, and military intervention.
Resulted in
  • Enforcement of martial law declared by Prime Executive Viktor Alkrix from December 9, 1982.
  • Civilians in Republic Square barricading and resisting Cape Armed Forces troops, with protestors massacred by CAF and armed police in the hundreds across Cape Town on December 10.
  • Several soldiers killed on December 10th and 11th after civilians were killed.
  • Beginning of Cape Aerospace Forces and Southern Military District ground forces mutiny early December 11.
  • RNP-Reformists ousting Alkrix from party leadership in special session of the Republican National Congress on December 11.
  • 7th National Stanera dissolved on request of P.E. Alkrix, sparking more protests across the Cape.
  • Successful military coup carried out by Southern Military District and Aerospace Forces elements in support of RNP-Reformists on December 12, culminating in battle with CAF forces loyal to Alkrix.
  • Establishment of military government and the dissolution of the 7th Stanera until the elections of 1984.
  • Viktor Alkrix tried and executed by military tribunal.
  • RNP-Authoritarians purged by RNP-Reformists.
  • Restoration of 1951 Constitution, and beginning of democratization.
Parties to the civil conflict

the Cape Government of the Cape

Lead figures
Viktor Alkrix Mark Milliye
Isnet o’Niall
Protestors: 2,000,000+
Casualties and losses
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