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Area61,578,803.73 km2 (23,775,709.04 sq mi)
Population density25.54 km2 (9.86 sq mi)
Countries14 states
Time zonesTBD

Alshar is a continent and geographic region located in the Eastern Hemisphere of the globe. Alshar is bound to the south by the Pukhthun Sea, the Sea of Capelan to the north, the Ocean of Cathay to the east and the Audonian landmass and the Levantine Sea to the west. Through millenia of habitation it has been home to many empires and expansive civilizations. It is the second most populated continent and the third largest by total landmass.

It is divided into thirteen sovereign states with the most notable being Corumm, Metzetta, Huoxia and Tashi-Daypa. Two Levantine states are in possession of colonial holdings namely the Fiannrian territory of Soirwind and various islands owned by Burgundie in the continent's periphery. Central and south eastern Alshar are much more densely populated than the northern regions which are for the most part, endless grassland and steppes.


The continent has several widely used names. The most commonly used, "Alshar", descends from the Arabic word الشرق (lit. "east", "alshrq"). The term is thought to have originated with Occidental world explorers being sent to the continent east of Audonia, referred to by the explorers simply as the "eastern land".

Geography, Topography, and Climate


The Alshari landmass is home to some of the oldest civilizations known to man


Ethnic Groups





Assorted Subhumans


Alshar is home to a broad range of religious denominations. Islam was brought over to southern Alshar by the expanding Oduniyyad caliphate in the 800's and today both Sunni, Shia Twelver and smaller schools have large number of adherents in various parts of the continent. In similar fashion Christianity arrived by way of missionaries arriving with Levantine colonizers and while the majority of its current practitioners are of Levantine descent, smaller native congregations do exist under some of the more tolerant regimes. Forms of animism and ancestor worship are widespread. Corumm enforces an almost blanket ban on all religions thereby being one of the only nations to have state enforced atheism.


List of nations

Rank Country or territory Capital Population (2025) Area in km2 (sq mi) Density in per/km2 (per/sq mi)
1 Jn8qyogt4xt41.png Canpei Brink 32,152,365 511,134 (197,350) 62.90 (24.29)
2 Corumm Flag.jpg Corumm Mirzak 698,168,695 1,979,269 (764,200) 352.74 (136.19)
3 HuoxiaFlag99.png Huoxia Nuran 38,955,020
4 Kagoyama Fuhayama 104,635,197
5 Somali Pirates Flag.svg Kandara Luwenhök 14,600,000 1,223,692 (472,470) 11.93 (4.61)
6  Metzetta Hanzeong 77,000,000 821,078 (317,020) 93.78 (242.89)
7  Oyashima 17,435,619
8 Peshabiwar 3,540,580 426,079 (164,510) 8.31 (3.21)
9 Pukhgundi 42,600,400 1,047,909 (404,600) 40.65 (15.70)
10  Pursat Durvud 104,569,500 1,196,626 (462,020) 421.66 (162.80)
11 RUflag.png Rusana Tabish 54,650,440 794,582 (306,790) 68.78 (26.56)
12 3xbfcxzedmd81.webp Tanhai Huigye 347,569,060 1,857,151 (717,050) 187.15 (72.26)
13 A flag (2).png Tashi-Daypa Kalaphu 21,122,423
14 Tapakdore 74,605,870 645,503 (249,230) 115.58 (44.63)