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The Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) is an international Christian, interdenominational, non-profit organization established in 1975. Its purpose is evangelizing to the motorcycling community.

CMA Chapters


Burgundie has 8 CMA chapters, one of the largest participation rates in the world.

Heaven On Wheels

Based in DelarsSkog, Burgundie the Heaven On Wheels Motorcycle Club was founded in 1977. It boasts 254 active members and is open to both men and women. It hosts two main events each year: Camp Church, a two week revival retreat in Vegmar's Holler and the Blood Ride, a 400km ride from Daneskirk to Soden Central Hospital. At the end of the Blood Ride all of the participants donate blood to the hospital and the Royal Strategic Blood Reserve.

Jarls Jegere

Avenging Angles

Holy Rollers

St. Mattius' Soldiers

O'Hanlen's Inquisitors

Based in southern Zelthus, Burgundie O'Hanlen's Inquisitors Motorcycle Club was founded in 1985. It has an active membership of 475 and is a men's only club. The club has had a number of run ins with the law recently is under consideration to be expelled from the CMA for its violent tendencies. Tolmin MacCarthy, the leader of the Inquisitors is currently in jail for committing hate crimes, and breaking and entering.

DunDrummin Deacons

Based in DunDrummin, Burgundie the DunDrummin Deacons Motorcycle Club was founded in 1994. It has an active membership of 178 and is a men's only club. The main mission of the club is to minister to "those left behind by society". They run drug clinics, food pantries and homeless shelters in several locations in DunDrummin.

Coastal Crusaders


Kiravia has 2 CMA chapters, both located in the north east of the country.

Farivan Flyers

Archangels of Aldēmar

Founded in the capital of Kiygrava State, the Archangels of Aldēmar chapter organises the Christian motorcycling community in Kiygrava and Niyaska. The Archangels are the largest Kiravian chapter by membership.

Knights of Columba

Based in the city of Mullcairn, Arkelly, the Knights of Columba (originally the Knights of St. Columba) ride in the Gaelic-speaking Far Northeastern states of Arkelly, Dunlévia, and Mariava.


The Imperial Kingdom has 2 CMA chapters.

Farpoint's Faithful

St. Patrick's riders