Cronan Security and Trade Union

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Cronan Security and Trade Union
Formation27 April 2027 (2027-04-27)
TypeMilitary alliance
HeadquartersKinnaird, Arcerion
Marcus Anderson, Minister of Foreign Relations of the Imperial Kingdom of Paulastra (acting)
Admiral John Smythe, United Republic Navy
Lieutenant-General Frederick Allison, Arcer Army
Expenses (TBD)TBC

The Cronan Security and Trade Union (CSTU) is a military alliance based on the continent of Crona. Formed in 2027 by the three nations of Alstin, Arcerion, and Paulastra, it was aimed at providing a hybrid economic and military alliance that benefitted their capitalist, free market economies but also provided provisions for collective defense and military cooperation. Its headquarters is located centrally in Kinnaird, Arcerion and is expected to be finished construction in 2029. Until then, the Union Council is housed between the Arcer Ministry of Defense building and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The CSTU system is centered on ecomic cooperation and collective defense, where an attack by a third party is an attack on all. It was established mainly to combat growing problems following the Final Deluge and the impacts of the Varshan power vacuum in Crona. The Union Council's headquarters in Kinnaird is to be mirrored by a second Allied Coordination and Planning Centre (ACPC) which will likely be in Arcerion due to its central nature. Members in the alliance commit to military spending to ensure that they contribute to the Union's aim of a secure, stable and peaceful South Crona.


Military Operations (2027-present)

Anti-piracy in the Malentine Sea

Members of the ACS Howland conduct a stop-and-search of a Telokonan dhow-type vessel of the coast of Foxhey Governorate, May 2027.

Beginning in April of 2027, the Union announced its first operation as a joint element would be combatting the increase in piracy and Varshani-sponsored terrorism in the Malentine Sea. Arcerion was the initial sponsor, providing the headquarters and support facilities required for JTF-M (Joint Task Force - Malentine), from which it began assigning patrol vessels and other assets to assist with the operation. The Operation was approved by the Union Council and other nations in the Union pledged their support. It was separated into three separate lines of effort, the first of which is Operation Wavetop, which focuses on the actual counter-piracy mission and counter-proliferation of weapons and arms enabling piracy. The second, Operation Shoreline, was a joint initiative to improve the quality of life and increase humanitarian aid and support infrastructure building in coastal communities of Kelekona, Telokona, and Malentina. By doing so the hope was to prevent future generations from engaging in piracy as a means of survival. Finally, Operation Albatross was the Special Operations targeting and prosecution of key financiers, smugglers, and pirate leaders that were responsible for enabling the burgeoning Malentine piracy trade.


Membership in the CSTU is defined by the members under Resolution IX, and is defined as the following:

The Members may, by unanimous agreement, invite any other Cronan or near-Cronan state in a position to further the principles of this Union and to contribute to the security of Crona to accede to this Union.  Prospective members must adhere to the following criteria:

  1. New members must uphold democracy;
  2. New members must be making progress or already have an established market economy;
  3. New members military forces must be under firm civilian control and oversight;
  4. They must be good neighbours and members of their regional community;
  5. They must be working toward compatibility with other member state's forces.


Burgundie is an observer of of the CSTU, meaning there where it does not conflict with preexisting commitments, especially those of the Levantine Union, Burgundie commits itself to the membership criteria of the CSTU. It is particularly engaged in supporting the Union's anti-piracy mission in the Malentine.

Burgundie's diplomatic mission in Arcerion maintains a post that serves as the liaison to the CSTU. This liaison sits on the Economic and Security committees but is not enfranchised.

Associations with Non-Member States

Some nations in Crona already have existing security arrangements with other nations in Crona. For example, Arcerion has an aerospace patrol and basing agreement with the New Archduchy, and while this may require Arcer forces to work under a different joint command with the New Archduchy, their forces are not necessarily unprotected by the resolutions of the CSTU Charter.


All agencies and organizations of CSTU are considered to be part of the civilian administrative branch or the military operational branch. All of the subordinate organizations serve to further the aims of the Union or support its ongoing operations.

  • Union Council (UC) - The governing body of the Cronan Security and Trade Union, serves as the executive body that deals with the effective governance and administration of the Union. It is sub-divided into two sub-councils (referred to as committees). It convenes several times a month and has permanent representatives posted to its headquarters to help shape CSTU policy and direction. It is chaired by the Chairman of the Union Council, and sub-councils are accordingly convened and headed by Deputy Chairmen.
    • Economic Committee - Convened at least once a week, the purpose of the economic committee is to ensure that member nations coordinate economic policy and respect national sovereignty in the economic sphere, and create a more competitive market for CSTU member states.
    • Security Committee - This committee is convened daily, and is made up of uniformed personnel and civilians, and they discuss ongoing operations and future plans for security and defense matters in Crona or as required by the member states.

Status in Crona