List of Imperators of Caphiria

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The Imperator of Caphiria is popularly and aristocratically recognized chief of state and head of government for the Imperium of Caphiria, wielding power over its citizens and military.

Under its Republic Era, regions of the empire were ruled by provincial military governors answerable to and authorized by the "People and Legions of Caphiria". Caphiria and its Senate were ruled by a variety of magistrates – of whom the Imperator was the most powerful. Imperators were generals with decades long successful military careers who were able to transition that into a political one. With the respect of the military and the support from the people, Imperators held extreme power and influence and would eventually become the sole legal and practical dominant citizen with power over all other magistrates.

The republic era would end and birth the Imperium and its head of state, which took on the title of Imperator. Early imperators were careful to maintain the façade of republican rule, rejecting claims of tyranny, dictatorship, and the title of emperor with their own claims of already having the two most important powers: imperium maius and pyramidis imperia; supreme executive power and being at the top of the pyramid of military command.

Historically, the term 'Imperator' as the head of state is relatively new, however the term 'imperator' referring to the de facto general of the army and political ruler has existed since the Kingdom. The term has evolved to include any historical head of state because it emphasizes the strong links between the ruler and the army (on whose support the ruler's power depended), and does not discriminate between the personal styles of rule and titles in different phases of the Imperium. Because of this (lack of) distinction, there is no definitive list of how many Imperators there have been, or how many there have been.

According to the Department of Statistics within the Censorial Assembly however, the first listed Imperator is Augustus Rahla which coincides with the beginning of the Principate Era. Assassination is responsible for virtually all in-office deaths, with only a small number of Imperators dying of natural causes in-office. An even smaller amount have abdicated or voluntarily relinquished their title.

Portrait Name Reign Succession Life details House / Dynasty
Augustus Rahla 414 - 458 AD - 386 - 458 AD Sudrea-Rahla Dynasty
Augustus Orgyrato 458 - 481 AD - 434 - 481 AD Sudrea-Rahla Dynasty
Augustus Valivia 458 - 491 AD - 413 - 491 AD Sudrea-Rahla Dynasty