North Corummese Republic

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North Corummese Republic
Flag of
Capital Duyuan
Official languages Corummese, Arabic
Government Republic
• President
Hu Tian
• 2030 estimate
Currency Corummese Lira (ç)

The North Corummese Republic, officially the Northern Corummese Republic of Chüzbriti is a partially recognised state that comprises the northwestern portion of Reçêpistan. Recognised only by Corumm, NCR is considered by the international community to be part of the Social Republic of Reçêpistan.

Following the Quds War, Corummese occupation forces forcibly evicted large segments of the local populations and creating from the partitioned lands a new fledgling state leading to a unilateral declaration of independence in 1985. Due to its lack of recognition, NCR is heavily dependent on Corummese economic, political and military aid.

Attempts to reach a solution to the dispute have been unsuccessful as Corummese ground forces maintains a large force, its presence is supported and approved by the NCR government, Reçêpistan and the international community regard it as an occupation force, and its presence has been denounced by the League of Nations since 1991 by-large.

NCR is a semi-presidential, democratic republic with a cultural heritage incorporating various influences and an economy that is dominated by the heavy industry sector. The economy has seen growth through the 2000s, with the GNP per capita more than tripling in the 2000s, but is held back by an international embargo due to the official closure of its ports. The official language is [REDACTED], with a distinct local dialect being spoken. The vast majority of the population consists of Sunni Muslims, while religious attitudes are mostly moderate and secular in recent years but stain of religious extremism remains to this day.

Politics[edit | edit source]

The NCR political scene is dominated along national and sectarian lines, most of the parties are known maintaining their own personal paramilitary militias and incidents are not an uncommon sight. The largest party of the country and nationally Corummese: the Democratic Liberal Party made from mainly liberal political exiles. The Voice for Development Movement(Lez:Gelişim Hareketi için Ses) is the largest Recepi national party espousing a national conservative ideology as in recent years the party's secular principals have strained espousing an increasing islamist agenda while attracting some dissapointed Chüzbriti Arab al-Ba'ath Party as the party has been shrunk from its former prestige after the Corummese intervention years ago overthrowing [Saddam Fujimori] to clamp down his increasingly independence tendencies.

Recep the communist party of NCR could be other only party after an islamist one that accepts both Recepis and Corummese Corumm also rising islamic conversion of Corummese exiles can be a nice touch we also have the traitors in Quds War can also be there to call a place home and other social/political rejects hmm, maybe "Recepi loyalists" would be evicted by your occupation authorites as planned but after my civil war many sunnis especially and communists relocate there instead of "aggressive colonization" we can replace it political exile dumpster corummese muslims and communists sent over there, and others who oppose the ruling party in Corumm; explaining why there is virtually no opposition

Party of the Revolutionary Path- Communist party of made up of corummese exiles