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Prometeo Nuclear Power Plant
City of Azufaifa
Construction beganDecember 2037
Commission dateEstimated to be December 2046
Owner(s)Ministerio de Energía de la Nación
Operator(s)Enercom Termonuclear S.A
Power generation
Units operational1 x 1102 MWe
Average generation9,872 GWh

The Prometeo Nuclear Power Plant is a joint Pelaxian-Yytusche powerplant to be located in the Azufaifa province. This plant, which will supply upwards of of 1,000 MW/ph to the Pelaxian government, will be overseen in its construction by Yytuskian engineers, nuclear scientists, and Energy Commission officials.

Construction of the plant is due to start in December 2037.


Prometeo will be built on the right flank of the Julián river, which provides water for cooling. It is located 61 km from Azufaifa in a straight line (100 km by road) and about three km from the Prometeo volcano, which is generally considered inactive, although its magma chamber still feeds the source of the spa, Hervideros.

Approval to construct the plant was granted by the Ministry of Energy in Novemer 2037, and will be administrated by Enercom Termonuclear, a state company with the monopoly in nuclear power generation in Pelaxia. The following two years will be dedicated to basic engineering, acquiring the main equipment and securing enriched Thorium. Azufaifa Municipal Council issued the building permit and business activity licence, and the Ministry of Energy authorized construction.

The plant project began in March 2035, when contracts were drawn up with the Yytuskian Energy Commission Agency (Energiekommission der Yytuskischen Republik Mazedonien) to supply the reactor, turbogenerator (turbine and generator) and the first and fuel.

The reactor, a BWR-6 type, will use enriched thorium which fissions generate energy as heat. This heat raises the temperature of water used for cooling the core within the primary circuit, while it is transformed into steam which is used directly in the primary circuit to move the turbine coupled to the alternator.

The containment will be a MARK-III type, in which the primary containment consist of the drywell, a circular suppression pool and metal containment. Secondary containment is formed by the auxiliary building, fuel building and reactor building.

The complex will employ an estimated 1,300 people and generate another 10,000 indirect jobs in Azufaifa Province.