Punthite Quasi-Wars

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Punthite Quasi-Wars
Part of the "western colonization of Punth"
USS Constellation
Capture of the French Privateer Sandwich by armed Marines on the Sloop Sally, from the U.S. Frigate Constitution, Puerto - NARA - 532590.tif
From top to bottom: Burgundian and Vespian armed merchantmen spar in the Omnus Sea; Kiravian marines board a Akain sloop
LocationAquilonem Ocean, Audonian Ocean, Levantine Ocean, Omnus Sea, Dwemer Bay, and Gulf of Kandara
Result Indecisive, ongoing
Punth and its surrounding waters
Colonial Audonia and Punth
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Imperial entities of Punth

The Punthite Quasi-War is an series of undeclared war fought almost entirely at sea between western nations and the powers of Akai, Pukhtunkhwa and Vespia from 1698 through the present time.


Naval engagements

17th Century

Burg vs. Pukh pirates

18th Century

Burg vs. Pukh pirates
Burg vs. Vespia

19th Century

Burg vs. Pukh pirates
Burg vs. Vespia
Burg vs. Kirav
Burg vs. Akai

20th Century

Burg vs. Vespia — TVK Zâkašohun vs. extreme clippers leads to Burg adopting steam power as its major propulsion system
Burg vs. Akai Slakonian against everyone

21st Century

Burg vs. Vespia[1]
Burg vs. Akai

Impact of the Quasi-Wars

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