Rosemary of Burgundie

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Rosemary of Burgundie
Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent by Peter North.jpg
Rosemary in 1935, in her wedding regalia
15 June 1935 - tbd
15 June 1935
Queen Consort Princess Leah of Pauldustllah
Born (1907-06-12)12 June 1907
Vilauristre, Burgundie
Died 24 October 1988(1988-10-24) (aged 81)
Burial 1 January 1988
Royal Vault
Spouse King Robert II (m. 1935)
Full name
Alienor Asabelle-Remarque d'Havredebedq
House House of Marius
Father August I
Mother Julia Montull, Great Princess of Burgundie

Rosemary of Burgundie was the queen consort of the United Kingdom from her marriage to King Richard II, on 15 June 1935 until TBD. Following the succession of her son King Richard II in TBD she became the queen mother and continued her role as an influencer of the crown. She passed away 24 October 1987 and was laid in state until her final burial in the Royal Vault on 1 January 1988.

Early life

Born Her Royal Highness Alienor Asabelle-Remarque, Princess of Burgundie, on 12 June 1907, Alienor was a fussy child. She was plagued by colic and allergic reactions to the various remedies that were prescribed. She was considered sickly and was often confined to her quarters with a nurse maid and a tutor for much of her youth. At age 10 she was improving and started to lead a more normal childhood, playing the gardens at Halsar Palace with her siblings. Template:House of Marius


8. Pau II, Great Prince of Burgundie
4. Great Prince Esteve I of Burgundie
9. Antonia Revertie, Great Princess of Burgundie
2. Great Prince August I of Burgundie
10. TBD
5. Angelica Masgoret, Great Princess of Burgundie
11. TBD
1. Rosemary of Burgundie
12. TBD
6. TBD
13. TBD
3. Julia Montull, Great Princess of Burgundie
14. TBD
7. TBD
15. TBD

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