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The Constitution of Heku is the supreme law in Heku. The original Politeia Hekuvia consisted of 18 Proclamations, laying out inviolable laws around which future laws would be constructed. Over 800 years, it has expanded to 32 unbreakable Proclamations, ensuring that modern issues are appropriately regulated at the very core of Hekuvian Law.

The purpose of the Constitution is to safeguard the inviolable right of the citizens and permanently structure the relationships between distinct organs of government. Nullifying, ignoring or removing a constitutional law is illegal under all circumstances. They can only be modified as a whole through a rigorous legislative process that ensures an absence of exploitation or corruption. No one has the authority to violate the Constitution; it sets the limits for the imperium maius (supreme executive power) and auctoritas principis (highest legislative authority) of the Imperator and is outside his jurisdiction to oppose. Protecting constitutional law is the eighteen man Comitia Censoria, an assembly of eighteen sacrosanct magistrates with the authority to prosecute other magistrates.


By decree of the Imperator and the Imperium, this Constitution is ordained for posterity, leaving no uncertainty regarding the proper government of Hekuvia and her colonies. No magistrate or legate can alter the inalienable rights established here as Law in the eyes of God and of the People. Nevermore shall civil strife divide the People.

Pronuntiatio I

The government of the Imperium of Hekuvia is entrusted to an Imperator, who takes the title of IMPERATOR OF HEKU. Justice is administered in the name of the Emperor by the officers whom he appoints.

Pronuntiatio II - Of Succession

  • The imperial dignity is inherited in direct natural and legitimate imperial succession.

the way

Imperial Province
Banlieueregio Ex Asinis
Banlieueregio Ex Malta
Banlieueregio Ex Entium
Banlieueregio Ex Salia
Banlieueregio Ex Eryx
Banlieueregio Ex Celralis
Banlieueregio Ex Arveni
Banlieueregio Ex Vedria


It's the traditional Coscivian ancestor worship sacrifice where you go to your grandma's grave, light a shot of grain alcohol on fire, and then drink it while it's still lit.

It's pronounced spor - vool - nawr

Except the bolded 'o' is prounounced like the second 'o' in "alcohol" when pronounced by a British person.

The 'á' can either be pronounced like the 'aw' in the English law or the 'ou' in the English sound, depending on your dialect.

Political Parties

Political Parties in Caphiria:

Unus Societum Popularis (USP) (One Democratic Society) – Left wing social-democratic party that advocates for the abolishment of the traditional social stratification in Caphiria, the abolishment and emancipation of the practice of slavery, and severe restrictions placed on the power of the Imperator. It supports social equality, trade unions, environmentalism, and anti-war.

Illustratum Respublica (IRP) (Enlightened Republic Party) – Right wing social-conservative party that maintains the belief that social orders and hierarchies are inevitable, natural products of life and that they must be preserved. It supports the social stratification in Caphiria, moral absolutism, free trade, free markets, and upholding tradition within Caphiria.

Cœtus Libertas (CLP) (Freedom for Assembly Party) – Center wing socialist-libertarian party that advocates for a decentralized government and believes in abolishing all institutions that control the means of production. It supports direct democracy, trade unions, assemblies. It believes in the identification, criticism and practical dismantling of all illegitimate authority in all aspects of life.

Kiro-Caphirian Party (KCP) - Single-issue party advocating a strong alliance between the Kiravian Federacy and the Imperium of Caphiria. It presents itself as an alternative to the Levantian Union Party, opposing supranationalism and continental integration while still supporting extensive international commerce, international military cooperation, and a more open attitude toward Latin-speaking immigrants and expatriates.

Pars Ex Imperatoria (PEI) (Party of the Imperium) – The de facto single-party of Caphiria. Its sole purpose is to reinforce the constitution and the power of the Imperator, though it may have secondary goals and motives that reflect the incumbent Imperator’s personal political ideology and agenda.