Mid-Atrassic Crona

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General Government of Mid-Atrassic Crona

Ēvsiārika Imniatrassikróná
Largest cityEast Rigo
Official languagesKiravic Coscivian
Recognised national languages
  • Chappaqui
  • Chikibriki
  • Chaptico
  • Chesequaki
  • Choptank
Ethnic groups
  • 94% Native Cronan
  • 5% Kiravian
  • 1% Other
Demonym(s)Mid-Atrassic Cronan
GovernmentCivil administration
• Governor-General
Epavran Páulus Ɣrimorin
• Secretary of State
Ailūrus Verxovan
LegislatureLegislative Commission
• Paramountcy Act
• Organised
CurrencyCronan lira (KLR)
Date formatdd.mm.yyyyy
Driving sideleft
Internet TLD.ik

The General Government of Mid-Atrassic Crona is the colonial administrative-territorial formation comprising those territories of Crona between the River Raritan and the boundaries of Varshan and Telonaticolan governed by the Kiravian Federacy since 21208, following the debellation of Nanseetucket and its partition between Kiravia, Corumm, and Chappaqua.

Its capital city is Anaqua, located in the Anaqua Joint Security Area.


Following the debellation of Nanseetucket by Corummese, Kiravian, and local allied forces, Corumm and Kiravia agreed to a line of demarcation running through East Rigo to delineate their respective occupation zones. Shortly thereafter, the Prime Executive issued General Order №825 of 21202, titled "Proclamation of Military Administration in the Former Nanseetucket", establishing a military administration under General Ristarius Lattaren.


Constitutional Status

Mid-Atrassic Crona is a non-sovereign entity with an *external and dependent* relationship to the Kiravian Federacy, meaning that it is not an incorporated *part* of the Kiravian Federacy, but is subject to its paramountcy and maintains constitutional links to it. The full measure of the Fundamental Statute and Statute of Liberties do not automatically apply in Mid-Atrassic Crona.

Administrative Agencies

  • Bureau of Land Tenure - Responsible for surveying, registration of deeds, land grants, and public leases, and the collection of land taxes and fees.
  • Cronite Health Service - Provides medical services in indigenous areas.
  • General Food Administration - Responsible for maintaining a steady food supply and distributing food rations to displaced and deprived populations.
  • Passport Bureau - Responsible for population registration, issuance of internal passports, and the collection of vital statistics. Internal passports in Mid-Atrassic Crona control where in the territory persons may live, work, and travel,

Administrative Divisions

The territory of the general government is divided among a number of different "subordinate jurisdictions". These include a diverse mix of units, including:

  • Chartered territories - Designated for large-scale Kiravian settlement and governed much like direct Kiravian colonies.
  • Joint Security Areas - Secured by both Kiravian and Chappaqui troops and governed as condominia.
  • Tribal Agencies - Non-self-administered reservations and refugee resettlement areas for native Cronan peoples.
  • Self-Administered Zones - Self-administered reservations granted to tribes that aided Kiravia and Chappaqua militarily against Nanseetucket, as well as to certain companies of settlers.
  • Civil Administrative Units - Areas of general civil government, neither reserved exclusively for Cronan peoples nor designated for exclusive Kiravian settlement.
  • Military Districts - Areas under Kiravian military administration.
  • Proprietary Administrations -
  • Unorganised Territories - Areas subject to the direct rule of the General Government, not currently a part of any subordinate jurisdiction.

Subordinate Jurisdictions

Special Territories

  • Cronan Canal Zone Territory

Charter Territories

Joint Security Areas

Self-Administered Zones

  • Chaptico SAZ
  • Choptank SAZ
  • Patapsco SAZ
  • Sortitionist Sectarian SAZ

Civil Administrative Units

Tribal Agencies

  • Chikibriki Frontier Tribal Agency
  • Tribal Agency Below Canal (Tribeca)
  • Western Tribal Agency

Military Districts

  • Southern Military District
  • East Rigo Military Administration
East Side Rigo