Faena Chemical-Electric

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Faena Chemical-Electric
Native name
Faena Chemical-Electric
Traded asNot Traded
IndustryChemical Production and Research
Founderfounder name
Area served
Levantia, Sarpedon

Faena Chemical-Electric is a Fhainnin company which specializes in industrial and consumer chemical production, most well-known for producing compounds for use in batteries of various types. However, it more generally focuses on inorganic chemicals such as phosphorus, sulfates, chloride, and various acids. Due to both its wide range of products and the myriad uses of each, FCE is involved with a considerable number of other companies as a supplier for such things as inorganic fertilizer components, de-rusting chemicals, phosphoric acid fuel cells, activated carbons, food-grade sanitizing agents and various other sterilizers, electronic etching and semiconductor materials, water treatment chemicals, toothpastes, sunscreens, and various compounds needed for the production of plastics, inks and dyes, steel and aluminum, and a wide range of alternative fuels and industrial processes. This is in in addition to its considerable share in Northern Levantine markets for direct-to-consumer household cleaners, sanitizers, and

The company rose to considerable fame and was lauded in the medical field in 1853 for discovering the use of diluted chlorine as a primitive antiseptic, later; another innovator was bought out when he discovered mixing it with boric acid and hypochlorite to make it useable in wounds prior to modern antibiotics

-Contract with gov't to provide precursors for rocket propellants

-scandal where it was claimed FCE was producing chlorine for use in chemical weaponry. The chlorine was claimed to be for sale as pool cleaner mainly