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Total population
482 million
Regions with significant populations
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est. 482,200,000
 Kuhlfrosest. ####
 Burgundieest. ####
 Urceaest. ####
 Kiraviaest. 1,527,830
Fhasen, Latin
Roman Catholicism, Celtic Christianity
Related ethnic groups

Feinii is the Latin name for the native inhabitants of northern and western Levantia, and derives from the name Fhainn, which itself is a shortening of the archaic term Fheadhainn, or 'the people'. Feinii are a widespread ethnic group with several variations, offshoots, and many similarities with the Coscivian peoples of Kiravia. Their historic civilizations were largely the target of Latin conquests, and produced great works but little in the way of advancement until the introduction of Christianity, which brought Latin ideals and technology, if not the culture and language, directly into the heart of Feini society.

In the modern world, Feinii still dominate northern and western Levantia, but are considered one of the 'civilized' peoples, and form one of the major ethnic blocs of the world. (more?)

Feinii in Kistan

Feinii are easily the dominant ethnic group within the Federal State of Kistan, and are the main cultural force within the nation. Most typically speak Fhasen as their first language, and the Cyrith regional dialect is the official lexicon used for government documents and education. Kistan's endonym, Fhainnin, lays claim to the title of the nation of the Fhainn, although most modern Kistani do not take the notion of racial solidarity to anywhere near the degree of their ancestors, who rarely ever held good relations with their Latin neighbors. They are predominantly Levantine Catholics, although some areas of former Ultmar remain Protestant.

Feinii in Kuhlfros

Feinii in Burgundie

Feinii are the second largest ethnic group in Burgundie, and one of the dominant forces in Burgundie-in-Levantia, namely within the Gaedhealtacht (the electorates of Glenmoor, Solibris, as well as the principlaity of DunDrummin). They were subjected to mild Burgundification efforts post-Meditization War - a project the scale of which was mitigated by Burgundo-Kistani relations before the establishment of a devolved power system. Modern Feinii are treated equally as ethnic differences became less important and the Princes of Burgundie focused on joining the nation together following independence in 1812.

Feinii in Urcea

Feinii in Kiravia

The Féniem are a traditionalist, Fhasen-speaking group of mixed Feini and Coscivian ancestry in northern Kirav. The Féniem trace their origins to what is now northern Kistan, when rural Feinii migrated to Kiravia to avoid the Latin-influenced culture of the Kingdom of Fhainnholdt. Settling primarily in marginal forest areas and along the northern coast, they mixing with the quasi-Celtic Ĥeldicans and other Coscivians, usually matrilineally. Though rural-dwelling Féniem tend to live in remote, insular communities, a significant portion of city Féniem are well-integrated into Cosco-Kiravian society.

Feinii Abroad