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Cultural region of Levantia
"Foreign Levantia"

Ultmar is both a geographical region and socio-political area in Levantia, corresponding roughly to northern Levantia. The region is partly Protestant as well as being a combination of Slavic and Aenglish. The region, which is outside the Levantine Union, largely came into existence referring to areas in northwestern Levantia outside of the reach of Great Levantia and, later, parts of Levantia not part of the Holy Levantine Empire. Ultmar is fairly diverse relative to Catholic Levantia, and after the Great Confessional War received a large demographic boost from refugees fleeing the Dragonnades.


Ultmar is a term derived from the original Ecclesiastical Latin term, "Ultramurus", which means "beyond the wall(s)". The term was used in Great Levantia to refer to everything to the north and west of modern day Urcea. Consequently, though Ultmar is an exonym, the term entered common parlance and was accepted by the natives of the region during the Medieval Period.