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Your Country Official Name ("Republic of XXX")

Your Country in Another Language (Your language)
Flag of Nation Page Template
of Nation Page Template
Coat of arms
Motto: Your motto, often in another language
("Your motto in English")
Anthem: Your song
      Location of XXX (dark green)
In XXX (gray)
CapitalYour city
Largest cityYour largest city (type "capital" for it to say "Capital and largest city")
Official languagesYour language
Your language
Your religion
Demonym(s)XXXan (noun)

XXXan (adjective)

XXXans (plural)
GovernmentYour government type
• Your head of state
Joe Blow
• Your head of government if applicable, otherwise a legislative leader
Jane Blow
• A legislative leader of a different house, if applicable
Georgw Blow
Your upper house
Your lower house
• An event
A date
• Estimate
Your population
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
Your GDP = GDPPC x Population (This is calculated for you after first entry)
• Per capita
GiniYour gini coefficient
Error: Invalid Gini value
CurrencyYour Currency
Driving sideright

XXX, officially the XXX, is a country in XXX. It is neighbored by XXX, XXX, and XXX.

XXX is a member of the League of Nations.


Why is your country called what it is? What is the source of that word or phrase?


What is a general overview of your country's path through history?

First era

How was your country originally settled?

Second era

What were the first political structures of your country? Did it have any very early rivals or was it controlled by a foreign country?

Third era

What were your country's first major moves on an international level?

Fourth era

Did your country ever have a period of significant decline or internal struggle?

Fifth era

Was your country subject to imperialism later in its life, or was it an imperial power?

Sixth era

How did the 20th century affect your country?


What is the general explanation of how your country exists within the world?

Climate and environment

Is your country hot or cold?

Government and Politics

How is your country ruled or governed?


Who is responsible for making high level choices in your country? Does it have a President or King?


Who decides the laws for your country? Is there political parties and a legislature?

Federal subdivisions

How is your country divided? Are there states or provinces, or is the country directly governed from the capital as a unitary state?


What political factions exist? Who has ruled predominantly?


What kind of laws and legal system does your country employ?


What kind of people live in your country?


Self-reported ethnic origin in the XXX (20XX)

  1 People (81.4%)
  2 People (7.2%)
  3 People (3.8%)
  4 People (2.8%)
  5 People (2.2%)
  6 People (1.4%)
  Other (1.2%)

What ethnic groups make up your country?


What language or languages do your country's people use? Are there any previously used languages no longer common? Are these languages native to your country or shared with another?


Religious affiliations in the XXX (20XX)

  Religion 1 (94.5%)
  Religion 2 (1.7%)
  Religion 3 (1.3%)
  Religion 4 (.5%)
  Religion 5 (2%)

What do your country's people believe in religiously, if anything? How many groups are there?


How many people in your country are educated?

Culture and Society

What do your people do, and what are they like?


What is your country's education system like? How do the schools work? What do people think about education?

Attitudes and worldview

How do your country's people view life?

Kinship and family

How are families or kinship groups structured in your country?


What do your people eat?


What do your people believe? Rather than demographics, as above, think about how important religion is to your people and their view about their own and other religions. What is the relationship between the prevailing view and minority religious groups? Is it an official religion, and do any laws exist about free worship?

Arts and Literature

What type of art do your people make? Do they have a tradition of painted art, well-crafted television shows, or great music?


Does your country have any major sports leagues? What types of sports are played, both professionally and for fun by your country's people?"


Are there any prominent symbols which are well known to represent your country?

Economy and Infrastructure

How does your country's economy work?

Industries and Sectors

What are the largest parts of your economy in terms of what they do?


What exchange systems are used within your country's economy?


How do people in your country procure medical care? How is it paid for?


How is labor organized within your country? Are there any social institutions or unions which deal with labor concerns?


How do people in your country get around? Is there a major highway system as well as sea- and airports?


What type of energy keeps your nation going? Are you renewable or use fossil fuels, and if you are renewable, how recently did your country transition?


How advanced is your country? Is it an innovator, or does it largely import new developments?


How large is your country's military? Is it large but poorly equipped or small and elite? Does your country have a martial tradition?