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Kirosocialism (Kiravic: Kirosoksyalrisēn, abbv. Kirsok) is a school of socialist political thought originating in Great Kirav during High Modernity as a synthesis of Marxist revisionism, Kiravian social-nationalism, and native Coscivian Modernist political theories. Expressed concisely, by [insert prominent theorist], the Kirosocialist mission is to "holistically improve Coscivian society across all dimensions of human life by progressively establishing and deepening social control over the means of production in the Coscivian world, and by doing so advance the ecumenical cause of liberation from capitalism and imperialism."

Kirosocialism was formulated as the ideological line of the Kirosocialist Party, which governed Kiravia for several decades in accordance with Kirosocialist ideas, first as a dominant party under the existing constitution and later as a single-party state, the Kiravian Union. Implementation of Kirosocialism yielded some promising early results in terms of economic and technological modernisation, but later began to struggle in the face of economic difficulties and institutional failures. Although the Kiravian Union and Kirosocialist Party were overthrown by a social revolution in 21185 replaced by a democratic capitalist system, the Kirosocialist political tradition survived, and remains the largest and most influential movement of left-wing politics in Kiravia to the present day.