League of Nations Command

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League of Nations Command
Active3 March 2022 – 31 March 2027
Country League of Nations
EngagementsFinal War of the Deluge
Supreme Allied Commander VarshanUrcea LEC PRI Martin St. Clair
Deputy Allied Commander VarshanCartadania GEN Oliver F. Tudela

League of Nations Command (LoNC or League Command) was the multinational military force that fought in the Final War of the Deluge against Varshan. It was the first international unified command in history, and the first attempt at collective security pursuant to the Charter of the League of Nations.

LoNC was established on 3 March 2022 following the Atomic bombing of Zakan Rot and subsequent action taken by the League of Nations Security Council. It oversaw two years of united combat efforts against Varshan which culminated with the Fall of Anzo in 2024. Subsequently, League Command was a central organ of League-occupied Varshan. It was dissolved effective 31 March 2027

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Supreme Allied Commander

Deputy Allied Commander

Unified Regional Front Commands