Ocaso Agency

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Ocaso Agency
IndustryModeling and talent agency
Founded1982; 55 years ago
Area served
Key people
Isanto Ocaso (Founder)
Ansalvo Mihăileius (President)
Niccolò Martes (Creative Director)
Revenue$3.39 billion (2036)

The Ocaso Agency is a full service modeling and talent agency headquartered in Venceia, Caphiria. The company also has offices in Castra Vetera, Hyduna, Ceará, and Pivoli. Founded in 1982 by Isanto Ocaso, it currently provides full-service representation and management to models, entertainers, artists, musicians, and athletes. Today the Ocaso Agency also represents a wide variety of acclaimed film and television stars. The agency represents more than a quarter of the highest paid supermodels.



The Ocaso Agency was founded in 1982 by Isanto Ocaso in order to manage his wife, model Kalia Ocaso. She would utilize her status to bring several high-profile models to the company. By 1997, it was one of the fastest-growing modeling agencies, with publications singling out its reputation for "quick thinking, ferocity and barely bridled ambition".

2002-2010: Expansion

In 2002, Ansalvo Mihăileius joined the agency as the creative director; at the time, boutique agencies fell out of favor with models due to payment issues and Mihăileius was outspoken in giving models the financial security they needed. This allowed the agency to rapidly expand its roster and with Mihăileius' decision to sign models without regard to traditional height, weight, race, or age requirements, or other factors that historically have prevented diversity in model casting, it put the Ocaso Agency in the international spotlight.

In 2005, Ocaso partnered with Petalstone Music and created an Artists Division that matched music artists with international brands. In December 2008, the firm opened an office in Ceará (Cartadania) and 2009 in Castra Vetera (Caphiria). Additionally in 2009, Ocaso launched Modere, a talent and commercial agency that represents models and actors for film, commercials, and television.

The Ocaso Agency went through a corporate restructure in 2010, with founder Isanto Ocaso stepping down as President and Mihăileius assuming responsibility. Mihăileius also brought in top television and cinema agents to help solidify its standing as a full service agency. The Ocaso talent department grew dramatically during the next decade, with high profile signings like Davidio Danzi, Leonzio Sarro, Christian Verninac, Katia Crépin, Chico Carreira, and Apolônia Álvares.

2010-2025:Continued growth

By 2010, The Ocaso Agency had become one of the industry's fastest-growing talent agencies. The company went on a string of high profile acquisitions, notably Sicaru, Inc., which had multiple business units with services ranging from sports marketing and broadcasting to the management of associations and non-profit organizations. The sports-related businesses were combined to form Ocaso Sports, while the association management division was renamed Ocaso Associations.

In 2015, several years after the acquisition of Petalstone by Quicksilver Industries, the Ocaso Agency entered in a historic two-decade partnership with Petalstone Pictures Entertainment and Petalstone Music Entertainment for exclusive talent management and representation rights. In 2016, Mihăileius was quoted in a Financial Times profile about the company saying, "We built a culture where people are rewarded for taking risks." Mihăileius implemented several leadership strategies to boost the productivity of their agents, most notably, the "Farmhouse" training program.

The company continued to expand and grew to include several subsidiary companies and expanded divisions. Fortuna Magazine named president Ansalvo Mihăileius to their 2016 and 2017 "Businessperson of the Year" list, acknowledging their corporate growth strategies. Mihăileius had previously been recognized as a 21st-century "super agent" by other reputable publications.

In 2022, the Ocaso Agency represented the Gladiatorial Combat League, Caphirian Football League, and the Caphirian Basketball Association.

In 2024, the company launched several initiatives: the Astare Institute, a private educational institution specializing in sports training and serves as the training and competition venue for amateur and professional teams, the host site for a variety of events, and a hub for sports performance research and innovation. It also launched Intrei Media, a joint-venture media company that distributes over 32,000 hours of content—originating from more than 200 clients and events—to major global broadcasters annually, across all forms of media including TV, audio, fixed media, inflight and closed circuit, broadband and mobile.

2025 - Present

In mid-2025, preliminary discussions were being held that Ocaso Agency was exploring the option of filing for an IPO. The initial paperwork that was filed indicated that the company was valued at $5.2 billion, but Mihăileius announced he had postponed and ultimately cancelled its planned IPO that. In a statement, he said "The Ocaso Agency will continue to evaluate the timing for the proposed offering as market conditions develop."

In 2027, founder Isanto Ocaso sold his remaining stake in the company to Ansalvo Mihăileius, who now effectively controlled the entire company. Ocaso was given the honorary title "chairman emeritus".

In March 2029, the Ocaso Agency acquired an equity stake in the investment banking firm BBU&U to give the agency and its clients guidance on investments in the media and entertainment sector. It also acquired Araria, one of the largest agencies for television news talent in Caphiria, in November 2029.

In August 2032, the agency partnered with Argia Publishing to create a new publishing imprint called the Ocaso Press to publish books by internet entertainers.

Since 2033, the Ocaso Agency has renewed its contract with Petalstone for another decade, started a non-profit organization that has worked with dozens of organizations in cities around the world and encourages employees to offer community service, and has held several events relating to political and social movements.