Rhodainia Planters' Rifle Corps

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Rhodainia Planters' Rifle Corps
A rifleman riding past a flamming poppy field
Active 1937-present
Country Kandara
Allegiance Free Rhodainia
obstensibly Burgundie Burgundie
Branch Army
Type Militia
Role Mounted infantry
Size Brigade
Garrison/HQ Longchamps sur Mont Elipe
Nickname(s) White Walkers
Motto(s) Against all odds

The Rhodainia Planters' Rifle Corps is a paramilitary militia consist of 3 independent Battalions technically reporting to a Brigadier, currently Michel-Minot Herrengue de Grandplaines. Formed in 1937 by the Bergendii farmers who remained in the Rhodainia region of Kandara to protect themselves from communist guerillas in the region, the group became an important part of the Burgundian intervention in southern Punth during Operation Kipling. The unit was all but subsumed into the Burgundian Foreign Legion, until the end of combat operations of those conflicts. The experience helped what had previously been a rag-tag group of armed farmers into a professional soldiery. The group continued to be an important part of Burgundie's strategy in Punth as its unaligned nature allowed Burgundie to utilize the force when sending Burgundian soldiers would have been politically disastrous. The group's equipment and training is entirely subsidized by the Burgundian Foreign Legion, although vague attempts to cover the money trail are made as a token of good faith.

The unit is not recognized by the Kandaran government or army, and depending on the political situation has been on and off the Kandaran State Terrorism List.