Saint Bran

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Bran of Róntren
Born c. 1360
Róntren, Irovasdra
Died c. 1410
Báileforan, Irovasdra
Honored in Insular Apostolic Church
Coscivian Orthodox Church
Roman Catholic Church
Major shrine Monastery of St. Bran
Attributes Shovel, potato
Patronage Potato farmers

Saint Bran of Róntren (Kiravic: Nív Bran Róntresk) was a 14th-century Coscivian farmer and churchman who lived in what is now the Kiravian state of Irovasdra. The first saint to be born in Great Kirav of Coscivian descent, Bran was renowned for his piety, humility, and industry. He is one of the most widely venerated saints in his native country, and is the patron of potato farmers.


Most hagiographers place Bran's birth in the late 1350s or 1360s on a farm in the newly-established Coscivian village of Róntren. Bran's father was a farmer and soldier from the island of Ûstrin in the Coscivian Empire's Caltēdan province who had sailed to Kiravia as part of the campaign against the Cromwelutes. His mother was a Gaelic woman born in the vicinity of Oisgill Líath.