Serapion Larimar

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Serapion V.H.S. Larimar
Chief State Executive
Assumed office
22 Carlús, 21204
ChancellorSārden Ēvūrverd
TaoiseachAndrus Candrin
Preceded byArvon Vâlestra
Personal details
Born12 Sávilús, 21170
Anjuna Beach, Aventurine Bay Colony
Political partyIndependent (21204-present)
SRA (to 21204)
Spouse(s)Varya Larimar
ResidenceÉamonsar, District of Coïnvra
ReligionCoscivian Orthodox

Serapion Velason Halbaret Spiridon Larimar is a Kiravian diplomat currently serving as Chief State Executive of the Kiravian Federacy.

Tenure as Chief State Executive

Larimar was appointed Chief State Executive in 21205 as Andrus Candrin began his third term as Prime Executive. Fyren Raidhvód, who had served in that position during Candrin's first two terms, as well as under the four previous administrations, announced his decision to retire five months before the election. Larimar oversaw the department in his capacity as Lieutenant State executive from then until the election, after which he was appointed as Raidhvód's successor and confirmed by the Council of States. According to sources inside the administration, Larimar was selected for the post from a shortlist that included Ambassador to Urcea Fíodur Vardrennan, former High Executive for Trade Negotiation Samarius Kérrogen, and Stanora Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Adrian Endyrmaxen. Although these three men were highly qualified and had longstanding relationships with Candrin, the Prime Executive had been facing criticism for filling his cabinet primarily with appointees from his home state of Kiygrava (Vardrennan, Kérrogen, and Endyrmaxen were all Kiygravans), and was under pressure from the Council of States and some within the pro-administration camp in the Stanora to maintain the tradition of filling high-level vacancies at the State Executive by promotion from within the agency. Larimar, as a lifelong State Executive employee hailing from an overseas colony, allayed both concerns. Although his appointment enjoyed broad

political support and (reportedly) elicited a positive reaction from key Kiravian allies, Larimar entered the cabinet without any personal history with any of its members and without any professional political background. 

With Kiravia and Ixnay still reeling from the Cripping Depression of 2024 and support for the government the lowest it had been since Kirosocialism, the Candrin administration chose to focus its efforts on territorial expansion in Punth in order to acquire additonal natural resources, reduce unemployment, and create new opportunities for Kiravians who had lost out in the Depression. Larimar was tasked with coōrdinating with other colonising nations, particularly Corumm, Alkharvia, and Kistan, to minimise the risk of intercolonial conflict and to create and international legal framework friendly to colonialism by whipping votes in the League of Nations.

Political Profile

In terms of policy perspective, Larimar's background lies in the neoconservative wing of the Shaftonist-Republican Alliance. When enrolling as a voter in the Aventurine Bay Colony at age 20, he declared membership in the Aventurine Civic Shaftonist Party, the colony's SRA affiliate, and later as a resident of Hanoram registered with the National Republican Party (also within the SRA group). Believing that an active, hawkish foreign policy was part and parcel of the National Renewal Movement's mission to dismantle Kirosocialist constraints on Kiravia's national potential, in this case through its isolationism and military neutrality, he is known to have advocated such an approach frequently in internal State Executive memos. Larimar renounced any partisan affiliation upon his appointment to the Cabinet, as is required by law, and as a resident of the District of Coīnvra where political parties are banned, he is not currently eligible for membership in any party. Nonetheless, he enjoys the solid backing of SRA and more hawkish CSU Delegates in the Stanora.

Larimar is a friend and close ally of Chief Defence Executive Ivor Arolian. Although Arolian is of a more definitively Coscivian nationalist and neorealist persuasion, the pair generally agree on concrete policy objectives and have been credited with fostering a closer relationship between the two cabinet departments and shaping a State Executive more attune to Kiravian strategic interests and keen on military concerns. Larimar does not enjoy as close of a relationship with Kroveniren Hall as did his predecessor, with Candrin consulting with his State Executive liaison Èurid Kadhenaí more often than with Larimar directly.

Personal Life

Larimar is married to Varya Larimar, a former government accountant of Deep South Coscivian descent. The couple lives in Éamonsar, District of Coīnvra, and has one son and two daughters. Larimar is Coscivian Orthodox and attends services at the Cathedral of St. James the Just in Kartika. He is a member of the Kuatem Coscivian ethnic group, but was raised in a monolingual Kiravic-speaking household. He is fluent in Kiravic Coscivian, High Coscivian, Austral Coscivian, Modern Ixnay Latin, and Burgittan.