Tribunal Assembly (Caphiria)

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Tribunal Assembly of Caphiria

Conventus Tribunus
3rd Tribunal Assembly of Imperator Constantinus I
Coat of arms or logo
of the Corcillum of Caphiria
President of the Assembly
Plebeian Tribune
Pascăr Cluzără

The Tribunal Assembly of Caphiria is one of the four chambers of the Corcillum, the tetracameral parliament of the Imperium of Caphiria. Along with the Military Assembly, the Tribunal Assembly is a meritorious chamber, representing those who serve the Imperium in uniformed service, in contrast to representative assemblies such as the National Assembly or Senate which are a direct representation of the will of the people.

The composition and powers of the Tribunal Assembly are established by Proclamation V of the Constitution of Caphiria; The Tribunal Assembly is responsible for overseeing the public administration of the Imperium and the organizing and reorganization of provinces and regions. It is also responsible for creating the electoral districts of the National Assembly based on census results and confirms appointments of the [[Council of Ministers (Caphiria) |government ministers]] by the Imperator. The Tribunal Assembly is composed of all of the non-parliamentary magistrates - elected bureaucrats outside of the Corcillum - such as Aediles, Proaediles, Adjutores, and more.

Within the Tribunal Assembly is the Censorial Assembly, the sacrosanct group tasked with the protection of the Constitution and serves as the ethical, legal, and moral oversight body of the Government of Caphiria. Members of the Censorial Assembly, Censores are the most powerful people in Caphiria with the power to conduct an inquiry into any person, group, or activity within the Imperium, including the Imperator himself.

The Tribunal Assembly is presided over by the Plebeian Tribune, a senior ranking Magistrate with extensive oversight of legislative activity in the Senate and the Palace.


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