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Common Udunaic
Ozū Udūn
Native toMargraviate of Cashen
Native speakers
approx. 1.5 million (2025)
  • Oriental Levantine
    • Cirth-Udunaide
      • Udunaic
        • Common Udunaic
Official status
Official language in
22px Burgundie
*22px Cashen
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Common Udunaic (Common Udunaic: Ozū Udūn) is a Oriental Levantine language spoken chiefly in the Burgundian Cashen territory in Dericania.





The Lord's Prayer in Common Udunaic
Common Udunaic (Revised Orthography) Common Udunaic(Potter's Orthography) Literal Translation English
1. Oz abān u̇ adānu vār 1. Oz abban u addanu vhar 1. Our father that in heaven sits 1. Our Father, who art in heaven
2. grimū eb anāt i żanar 2. grimhu eb annat i dzanar 2. holy be your name 2. hallowed by thy name
3. anāt iar anarżun movzatar 3. annat iar anardzun movzatar 3. your kingdom arrives 3. thy kingdom come
4. anāt iar eażun edātar 4. annat iar eadzun edhatar 4. your orders (will be) obeyed 4. your will be done
5. danin eredar, zu̇ danin adānar. 5. danin eredar, zu danin addanar. 5. on earth, and in heaven. 5. on earth, as it is in heaven
6. Oz eregion ażavar 6. Oz eregion adzavar 6. Our bread provide 6. Give us this day our daily bread
7. zu oz aramog varlar 7. zu oz aramog varlar, 7. and our debts forgive 7. and forgive us our debts
8. zu oz i aramogim varlar. 8. zu oz i aramogim varlar. 8. and we (our) debtors forgive. 8. as we also have forgiven our debtors.
9. Oz u̇ darvizan az-edātar, 9. Oz u darvizan az-edhatar, 9. Us unto hell do not order, 9. and lead us not into temptation
10. mod oz u̇ arżost azmolar. 10. mod oz u ardzost azmolar. 10. but us from evil rescue. 10. but deliver us from evil.