Union for National Solidarity (Urcea)

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Union for National Solidarity
LeaderLivio Iarnán
FounderJames Cossus Reed
FoundedOctober 26, 2035 (2035-10-26)
Preceded byNational Social Union (2020-2035)
Headquarters698 Impireachtor Street, Urceopolis, Urcea
ColorsTyrian purple

The Union for National Solidarity is one of the three major contemporary political parties in Urcea, along with the its rival, the Social Labor Party as well as the National Pact. The Union's history originates in the Crown Regency of Gréagóir FitzRex, whose policies and inclinations lead to the creation of the National Democratic Party, which evolved in time into the National Social Union, the UNS's legal predecessor. The ideology of the Union was especially shaped by the policies of the Witte administration, policies that formed the ideological basis of Wittonian Socialism. The Union is the third largest party in the Concilium Daoni, inheriting the remnant delegates of the National Social Union.


More Information: History of the National Social Union, 2035 Urcean political realignment The Union for National Solidarity has its origins in the National Democratic Party, which has its roots as "FitzRex's Men", a loose coalition of members of the Concilium Daoni elected in 1895 who aligned themselves with the reform efforts of Gréagóir FitzRex. The National Democratic Party would soon be defined by its opposition to more radical socialist efforts to establish a Urcean Republic, ensuring their survival after the Red Interregnum. The party would go on to win control of the Daoni in 1905 and not surrender it until 1930, and it hold it again from 1950 to 2020 with only fifteen years of National Pact control in between. The National Democratic Party became increasingly reliant on the Liberal Party, and the two formed a coalition government following the 2010 and 2015 Concilium Daoni elections. Chancellor and Temporary President Michael Witte organized a merger of the two parties into the National Social Union. The National Social Union survived as a united entity until the ascension of James Cossus Reed as Witte's successor. The failure of Reed's policies combined with the internal pressures of The Deluge lead to the party dividing after the 2035 Urcean Concilium Daoni election into a traditionally distributist element with an active foreign policy and a left wing party which is non-interventionist and self-avowedly anti-colonialist. Many have interpreted the Union for National Solidarity of being further "traditionally right" within the Urcean spectrum than the National Democratic Party; some scholars have posited the party is now more traditional than the liberal conservative National Pact.

As of 2037, the Union is the third largest party in the Concilium Daoni.

Ideology and Policies

Economic Policy

Social Policy

Foreign Policy