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Doppelte Föderative Republiken Yytuskia-Helvana
Dual Federal Republics of Yytuskia-Helvana

Yytuskia and Helvana Flag.png
Motto: Stärke, Sicherheit, Wille und Toleranz
Strength, Safety, Will, and Tolerance
Yytu-Helv Globe.png
Location of Yytuskia-Helvana on Levantia
Recognised national languages
GovernmentDual-State Constitutional Monarchy
• Premierführer
Mr. Benjamin Seidenstücker
• Vizeführer
Mr. Martin Schor
• Premier-Secretary
Robert Vasilievich
Federal Union (1990 CE)
• Total
6,190,382 km2 (2,390,120 sq mi)
• 2028 estimate
86.3 Million
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Per capita
Date formatdd.mm.yyyy
Driving sideright

The Dual Federal Republics of Yytuskia and Helvana are a pair of sovereign nations unified under a two-state constitutional monarchy. Both the nations are run under their own separate governments – the Yytusche-Bund and the Helvaic Federal-Soviet – but are ruled by a constitutional monarchy with the Head of State being the current Yytuskian King, Kaiser von Fürstenmold III. The dual-state system was officially formed in late 1990, to unify both the economically-shattered Helvanic people, and the civil-war stricken Yytusche. Under it, the two nations are unofficially two separate countries, but in all official offices are a singular entity, with the Bund and the Soviet governments overseeing their respective countries. The Kaiser oversees both the Bund and the Soviet through his stand-ins – known as Honourable Watchers. The current HWs are Edith Schuster for the Yytusche-Bund, and Aleksandra Vadimovna Zinchenko for the Helvanic Federal-Soviet.

Yytuskia, officially known in the Union as the Democratic-Socialist Federation of Yytuskia, is technically an thalassocracy due to the large military focus on naval power, using its large navy of aircraft carriers, cruisers and destroyers, and submarines to patrol various international waterways to offer protection to shipping routes for various countries. A mostly urban nation, many of the 53 million citizens in Yytuskia choose to live in metropolitan areas like the capital, Hauptstadt-Muhl, and other cities like Heerhaven, Immenschau, and Bernfeld. The major industries in the country are primarily steel/metal refining, with other smaller nations buying contracts with companies such as Spahr-Steel (Int.) to refine ore which is then shipped back to their country. Other major industries are mostly in the beef agriculture sector, with others being in shipbuilding, transportation, and technology sectors.

Helvana, or the Soviet Federal Republic of Hevlana, is a federal republic of 33.3 million, is a more rural country focused on land-based armed forces than that of the Yytusche-Armee, supplying a small but exceptionally-trained standing army for use by the Dual Republics. While smaller in population to Yytuskia, Helvana beats it in landmass, spreading metropolitan areas farther out than their Yytusche counterparts. Cities like Litka, Turasava, and Mygan – while small – house millions of citizens, while smaller towns dot the national rail- and highways. The largest industry in Helvana is without a doubt the Sosopul oil fields, with upwards of 104 to 128 billion barrels of oil underneath its location, which steadily feed into the refinery there. And while the oil sector represents 45% of the nation’s GDP, other smaller sectors like forestry, stone-works, and fishing supply to the national numbers.

With a conjoined number of roughly 86.3 million citizens, known for its rich and militarized culture, and its high annual education budget, the Dual Federal Republics have been continuously the home of influential and successful artists, philosophers, musicians, sportspeople, entrepenuers, scientists, engineers, and inventors.



Nördlicher Kaisersstaat (1702 CE - 1921 CE)

von Fürstenmold Dynasty

Drittes Yytuscheriech (1922 CE - 1984 CE)

Dreizehnjähriger Krieg (May 18th, 1942 CE - December 31st, 1955 CE)

Sozialist Revolution (1984 CE - 1989 CE)

Sowjetische Sozialistische Republik Yytuskia (1989 CE - 2000 CE)

Modern Era (2000 CE - Present Day)

Mills Plan (June 1st, 2000 CE)

The Assassination Attempt on Primierfuhrer Overnotch (March 12th, 2018 CE)

2025 Elections

Yytu-Talion Conflict (2026 CE - 2029 CE)


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