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Recepi troops mobilizing against coalition forces

Quds War

The Quds War officially lasted from January 1st 1980 to December 29th 1982 but isolated resistance remained until February 19th, 1983. Combined coaltion forces under the command of joint Burgundian, Corummese and Kiravian forces with intergal support Kistani and other forces, such an alliance of grand scale hasn't been seen since the Great War.

According to world leaders at the time, the aim of the invasion was to remove the possession of WMD's from the Recepi military arsenal despite cordial evidence of the contrary. Although a combination of price fixing by Reçêpistan in response to oil workers strikes in [insert nation name] as much as 413% resulting to the 1981 Oil Shock until the result of sanctions against the Peace Committee ruling government curtailed the energy crisis to a degree while government forces crackdown unto the Sikh and Gypsy communities and Corummese migrant workers who threatened Peace Committee's power.

The initial objective was to stop the state's atrocities against minorities by aerial bombardment of major military installations but proved difficult due to dense anti-air systems and preparations from the government's part. This evaluated and greenlighted the ground invasion of Reçêpistan, much of the cover of the cost was paid by the nation's gold reserves, reserve currency and the occupation of the most industrialized area: today called North Corummese Republic.

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De Si-o-se Pol (brug met 33 bogen) in de Iraanse stad Isfahan is de langste brug over de Zayandeh De Si-o-se Pol (brug met 33 bogen) in de Iraanse stad Isfahan is de langste brug over de Zayandeh

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13 sep Adolph Panzeker (54), former Kronatan President
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In the News
22 jul Mjölnir United wins the FFA Eredivisie
Mjölnir United has won the FFA Eredivisie, the top-tier league in Helvianir in a 7-1 match against FC Swaertesee
10 sep CUDA holds conference on Lithuania Crisis
The national leaders of the CUDA member states are engaged in an emergency conference to determine what course to take in the Lithuania Crisis.
jan 04
August in history
1834 Antarktis Burgund
August 4, founding of the Burgundian West Punth Trading Company colony of Antarktis Burgund
1896 Wintergen
August 14, the Non-Resolution Contract was signed by Burgundie and Kirav allowing for the Burgundian settlement of Wintergen while recognizing the Kiravian government-in-exile
1994 Kilkas Sea
August 18 - September 3- 1994 Kilkas Hurricane Season, the deadliest hurricane season in the 20th century. It is estimated that across the Kilkas region 8,000 souls lost their lives, 125,000 lost their homes and $3.5billion in property damage.