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Order of the Lore
Original Burgundie oriented badge
EligibilityEstablished in this article
StatusCurrently constituted
Honorary HeadUser:Burgundie
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
RelatedGreat Lore War (OOC)

The Order of the Lore, also referred to as Lorewards is a time honored tradition of Ixnay begun by User:Burgundie. Its inductees are recognized for their contribution to the regional lore. Historically, the Lorewards have not only served as a recognition of a member's importance to the lore continuum but also as an incentive for the development of lore. Pages which won their editors awards may be viewed at Award winning pages.

Rules and determinations

The Order of Lore determinations are made by weekly rotating panels of three members of the community. Nominations for lorewards are made by the panel foreman and subject to a simple yes or no vote of the remaining two members of the panel.

Daily awards are given for the best edit in a day not including infoboxes and other filler content. Daily winners require at least 1x 1000+ byte entry. A degree of discretion is given to the panelists to determine the winner of a day. Preference will be given to extraordinary contribution to collaborative global lore, lore written for someone else or for not just the player nation, overall quality of the written lore, or for extremely well written novel topics. Emerging precedent suggests that preference should be given towards size of edits to a page, but with smaller, more substantial articles given preference in any given day provided that they are not significantly smaller. Non-substantive list articles (like List of equipment of the Armed Forces of Urcea) will not be considered unless there are no other eligible entries in a day, in which case the editor will receive a runner-up status on the day if it is the only entry. A runner-up award for each day will also be given, although no medal will be conferred upon them. The winner of a daily award can not also win the runner-up award for the same day.

Weekly winners are determined from the total number of daily wins or runner up statuses per day with some consideration to consistency of edit volume, and monthly awards consider how many weeklies and dailies won by a member.

Monthly award winners will be nominated by User:Urcea and confirmed by the end of the month weekly panelists. Annual awards will consider all of the above while also considering high level page contributions and overall consistency. Rulings may be appealed in a straight forward and non-whiny way, but if appealed the ruling is final. Appeals should be focused on the criteria established herein.

Previous iterations of the award, awarded through 2020, used a different criteria. While the awards therein are considered valid, the records are incomplete. Lorewards were not issued between March 2020 and March 2022. Lorewards were also not issued between April and July 2022. When noted as "None Awarded", a date means that a lore panel made a determination for that date and that there were no eligible entries; when a date is skipped, it indicates no empaneled body considered that day.

Determinations are to be made using EST time.


Members who win will be awarded medals for their daily, weekly, monthly, and annual awards. A daily win will convey a single bronze medal . A weekly win will convey a silver medal . A monthly win will award three silver medals . An annual win will award a platinum Burg cross medal .

Medals are awarded on a hierarchy. Silver medal will be made from ten bronze medals . A gold medal will be made from five silver medals . A platinum Burg cross medal will be made from five gold medals.

Medal counts were reset with the reinstitution of the order in March 2022. Previous medal counts were ignored and all medals are issued from March 16, 2022 onwards.

Active Members

Active members are members of the Order who are considered to be active on Discord while making relatively frequent edits on IxWiki. Members are listed by date of induction into the order. Dates of induction are from either their first award from joining the order or from returning as an active member.

Username Order Membership Date Medal Count Medal Score
User:Urcea Antiquity 886
User:Arcerion Mar-22 176
User:Heku Antiquity 163
User:Yonderre Dec-19 92
User:Aciria Mar-22 88
User:Corumm Mar-22 51
User:Burgundie Antiquity 48
User:Insui Antiquity 45
User:Kistan Mar-22 39
User:Ralkern Dec-19 37
User:Hendalarsk Mar-22 25
User:Tierrador Jun-19 23
User:Metzetta Mar-22 18
User:Patraja Sep-22 16
User:Puertego Apr-23 15
User:Kir Antiquity 14
User:Calinthia Apr-28 11
User:Alstin Mar-22 6
User:Pelaxia Feb-20 4
User:Fiannria Dec-22 4
User:Aidan May-23 3
User:Takatta Loa Feb-20 2
User:FrustratedProgressive Oct-22 1
User:Diamavya Sep-22 1
User:Farmandie Dec-22 1
User:Lambchops Apr-22 1
User:Nolis Dec-19 1
User:Unintra May-23 1
User:Locrya Jun-8 1
User:Sakartvelos Jul-8 1

Inactive Members

Inactive members are members who are no longer active on Discord or IxWiki or have left Ixnay entirely.

Results by year

Annual Winners



  • Redacted Canadian





Rookie of the Year Award



Redacted Canadian






Miscellaneous Lore Contests


Category: Common Core Edits

First prize received one silver medal; runner up received two bronze medals.

Category: Ancient Sarpedon and Levantia

First prize received one gold medal; runner up received two silver medals. Winner also received the right to create a new NPC related to Ancient Istroyan civilization

Category: NPCs

First prize received three silver medals; runner up received one silver medal.


Category: Common Core Edits

First prize received three bronze medals; runner up received two bronze medals.

Category: 20th Anniversary Contest

First prize received two silver medals, runner up received one silver medal, Best Page receives three bronze medals