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List of Culture Groups

Latinic Romance Anglo-Gothic Celto-Coscivian Asiatic Indian Arabo-Persian Meso-American Balto-Slavic Greco-Punic Sub-Saharan Semitic Other
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The world is home to a large number of countries. This is a potentially incomplete list of countries of the world with active governments along with some basic information regarding them. The criteria for statehood is unclear and nations constantly rise and fall during politically turbulent times. Some nation entries in this list may be considered potentially outdated or otherwise inaccurate. They are denoted with a cross symbol (✝).

If a section is marked "N/A," data for that category cannot be obtained, possibly due to a lack of reporting by the nation or difficulty in finding the data.

All currency measurements are made in international dollars.

Sovereign nations

Nation Continent Population GDP (Nominal) GDP (Nominal) per capita Area Density Capital Government type Predominant Culture Predominant language Predominant religion Player type
Alba Concordia – League of National Free City of Alba Concordia Levantia 96,401 N/A N/A 389 km2 17.8/km2 Alba Concordia International territory Multicultural Multilingual N/A NPC
Algoquona – Federal State of Algoquona Crona 69,481,442 $382 billion $5,492 N/A N/A Khurnwah Federal republic Meso-American Algosh M'acunism NPC
Alstin – United Republic of Alstin Crona 105,352,809 $6.18 trillion $58,660.04 708,879.747 km2 148.62/km2 Alstin Federal republic Anglo-Gothic Alstinian Ænglish Chantry of Alstin PC
Anglei – United States of Anglei Levantia 15,504,110 $653 billion $42,098 N/A N/A Northwick Parliamentary republic Anglo-Gothic Julian Ænglish Catholicism NPC
Anta Carda – Ecclesiastical Union of Anta Carda Crona 977,765 $38.5 billion $39,330.97 1,487,534 km2 9.09/km2 Cabo San Klon Theonomy Meso-American Island Valiac Catholicism NPC
Arzanshahr – Arzanshahr Audonia N/A N/A N/A 33610 km2 N/A Sayendeg N/A Arabo-Persian N/A N/A PC
Battganuu – Emirate Battganuur Audonia 104,504,300 $128 billion $1,220.48 1,487,534 km2 70/km2 N/A Absolute monarchy Arabo-Persian Arabic Islam NPC
Bulkh – Republic of Bulkh Audonia 1,500,540 $3.66 billion $2,436.46 297,046 km2 5.05/km2 N/A Federal republic Arabo-Persian Umardi (Bulkan dialect) Islam NPC
Burgundie – Grand Thalassocratic Republican Principality of Burgundie Levantia 378,354,951 $19 trillion $50,170 1,967,873 km2 141.064/km2 Vilauristre Constitutional monarchy Romance Burgoignesc Levantine Catholic Church PC
Bussdaberria – Independent State of Bussdaberria Sarpedon 39,834,856 TBD TBD TBD TBD Άvamax Constitutional monarchy Romance Burgoignesc Sarpedon Holy Unity Church PC
Caphiria – Imperium of Caphiria Sarpedon 776,828,782 $52.5 trillion $67,079.75 6,047,907 km2 126.38/km2 Venceia Constitutional monarchy Latinic Latin Levantine Catholic Church PC
Carnazza – The Parliamentary Republic of Carnazza Sarpedon 43,589,726 $2.56 trillion $58,723 TBD km2 TBD/km2 Malgasta Parliamentary republic Latinic Carnazzan None PC
Cartadania – Federative Republic of Cartadania Sarpedon 365,981,867 $26.2 trillion $71,515 4,122,251 km2 88.78/km2 Alahuela Federal republic Romance Cartadanian Imperial Catholicism PC
Ceylonia – Ceylon Republic Crona 34,866,975 $788 billion $22,604 892,458 km2 39/km2 Santa Maria Federal republic Romance Cartadanian TBD NPC
Corumm – Republic of Corumm Alshar 698,168,695 $19.1 trillion $27,681 1,979,269 km2 352.7/km2 Mirzak Federal republic Asiatic Corummese TBD PC
Cronan Republic – Valiac Republic of Central Crona Crona TBD TBD $TBD TBD km2 352.7/km2 Illiahk (Proclaimed)
Al Suprenyas (De Facto)
TBD Meso-American Valiac TBD NPC
Covinia –Covine Republic Levantia 29,143,050 $853 billion $29,269 xx,xxx,xxx km2 xxx.xx/km2 Thiaskya Unitary republic Balto-Slavic Covine Slavic Levantine Catholic Church PC
Deric States – Confederation of the Estates and Principalities of Dericania Levantia 320,424,980 $12.9 trillion $40,403 3,062,400 km2 104.6/km2 Corcra Confederation Latinic Latin Levantine Catholic Church NPC
Dhavastu – Kingdom of Dhavastu Punth 24,605,640 $10.7 billion $433.22 531,310 km2 46/km2 N/A Absolute monarchy Indian Dhavasti Zoroastrianism NPC
Ehemo – Kingdom of Ehemo Crona TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Matrelisa TBD Meso-American Valliac TBD NPC
Eshel - State of Eshel Sarpedon 81,499,027 $4.9 trillion $60,069 596,008 km2 136.74/km2 Yasek Parliamentary republic with a constitutional monarch and heavy meritocratic elements Semitic Eshelian Hebrew Judaism PC
Faneria Levantia $9.9 trillion $44,820 Oirthidùn Unitary Republic Celto-Coscivian Fhasen Catholicism PC
Galicia – Democratic Republic of Galicia Crona 18,529,217 $305 billion $16,475 727,528 km2 26/km2 Porto Alegre Federal republic Romance Cartadanian TBD NPC
Valcenia – Valcenian Republic Sarpedon 138,342,211 $5.75 trillion $41,588 1,291,731 km2 107/km2 Konstandina Untiary semi-presidential republic Latinic Valcenian Levantine Catholic Church PC
Hendalarsk – Hendalarsk Levantia 70,374,826 $1.96 trillion $27,853 1,173,860 km2 59.95/km2 Frehmenwerth Federal Archkingdom Anglo-Gothic Hendalarskara Hendalarskara Catholic Church PC
Iriquona – Iriquona Crona TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Meso-American TBD TBD NPC
Jalqolak – Republic of Jalqolak Punth 54,650,440 $6.95 billion $127.12 794,582 km2 69/km2 N/A Federal republic Indian Dari Islam NPC
Kandara – Sovereign and Independent People's Republic of Kandhera Punth 14,600,000 $11 million $753.42 1,223,692 km2 11.93/km2 Luwenhök Kraterocracy Arabo-Persian Khandaro Zoroastrianism NPC
Kantoto – Empire of Kantoto Punth 5,446,150 $12.3 billion $2,264.73 920,456 km2 5.9/km2 N/A Absolute monarchy Asiatic Kantotese Shinto NPC
Kelekona – Kelekona Crona TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Meso-American TBD TBD NPC
Kiravia – Federacy of the States of Kiravia Kiro-Borealis 1,420,475,736 $63.3 trillion $44,625 4,724,009 km2 301/km2 Kartika Federal Republic Celto-Coscivian Kiravic Coscivian Coscivian Orthodox Church PC
Kuhlfros – United Grand Republic of Kuhlfros Levantia 397,800,000 $17 trillion $42,654 2,199,340 km2 101/km2 Adenborough Federal Republic Anglo-Gothic Fhoesken Levantine Catholic Church PC
Kulaparkar – Republic of Kulaparkar Punth 55,540,665 $358 billion $6,452.93 608,621 km2 91/km2 N/A Federal republic Indian Kuli Sikhism NPC
Mellifera – The Melliferan Union Crona TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Maristela Dual executive federal constitutional republic Latinic Latin Levantine Catholic Church PC
Mortropiv UnionNomadic Peoples of the Mortropiv Union Levantia 25,736,862 TBD TBD 518,256 km2 333/km2 Batalovsk Constitutional High Chiefdom Balto-Slavic Mortrovinic Mortropivatis NPC
Nolis – Republic of Nolis Sarpedon 6,532,198 $403 billion $61,765 1,083 km2 6,031/km2 Nolis Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic Romance English Levantine Catholic Church NPC
Order of the Obsidian Sparrow – Sovereign Commandery of the Holy Hospitaller Order of St. Mark and the Order of the Obsidian Sparrow at GrofSee Punth TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Nidus Theocracy Romance Burgoignesc Levantine Catholic Church NPC
Orenstia – Socialist Federative Republic of Orenstia Levantia 311,432,910 $9.79 trillion $31,452 1,665,077 km2 WIP2 Cered Federal semi-presidential socialist republic Balto-Slavic None None PC
Template:Country data Pelaxia – Federal Republic of Pelaxia Sarpedon 215,610,000 $6.07 trillion $28,165.8 1,614,728 km2 124/km2 Albalitor Federal republic Romance Pelaxian Non-religious PC
Pankara – Pankaryan Stratocracy Crona TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Iazriac Stratocracy Meso-American Valliac TBD NPC
Peackerins – Principality of Peackerins Audonia 4,523,623 N/A N/A 65.9 km2 65.9/km2 Loca N/A Arabo-Persian N/A N/A PC
Peshabiwar – Confederated States of Peshabiwar Punth 3,540,580 $25.5 billion $7,200.32 426,079 km2 8.3/km2 N/A Confederation Indian Peshbi Buddhism NPC
Porlos - Democratic Porlosi Republic Crona 6,808,983 $7.76 billion $15.38 1,196,626 km2 421.66/km2 N/A Federal republic Meso-American Porlosi Cartadanian TBD NPC
Pukhgundi – Republic of Pukhgundi Punth 42,600,400 $1.55 trillion $36,348.01 1,047,909 km2 40.65/km2 N/A Federal republic Arabo-Persian Kagazan (Pukhgunian dialect) Islam NPC
Pursat – Hindi Republic of Pursat Punth 504,569,500 $7.76 billion $15.38 1,196,626 km2 421.66/km2 Vishnasi Theocracy Indian Pursi Hinduism NPC
Quetzenkel - Kingdom of Quetzenkel Crona 33,502,964 $109 billion $3,246 TBD TBD Akwesasne Constitutional monarchy Meso-American Quetzeni Levantine Catholic Church NPC
Sabnaki - Sabnaki Crona TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Meso-American TBD TBD NPC
Safryos - Despotate of Safryos Sarpedon 54,057,628 $1.76 trillion $32,644.40 TBD 202/km2 Neriopoli Constitutional monarchy Greco-Punic Istroyan TBD PC
Shingtu – Democratic People's Republic of Xingtzu Punth 350,549,650 $545 billion $1,554.30 382,593 km2 920/km2 N/A Unitary one-party republic Asiatic Mandarin(Corummese?) Buddhism NPC
Takatta Loa - Dominion of Takatta Loa Sarpedon 95,963,874 $1.66 trillion $17,194 240,600 km2 399 km2 Ninao Meritocratic Theocratic Elective Monarchy Austronesian Insuo Loa Nakuaju PC
Tapakdore - Queendom of Tapakdore Punth TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Indian TBD TBD NPC
Telonaticolan - Telonaticolan Crona TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Meso-American TBD TBD NPC
Titechaxha - Titechaxha Crona TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Meso-American TBD TBD NPC
Ulaga - Ulagan Free State Crona TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Lejhos TBD Meso-American Island Valliac TBD NPC
Umardwal – Islamic Republic of Umardwal Audonia 143,889,290 $1.88 trillion $13,044.43 1,510,429 km2 95.26/km2 N/A Theocracy Arabo-Persian Umardi Islam NPC
Urcea – Apostolic Kingdom of Urcea Levantia 1,506,730,893 $72.2 trillion $47,897 6,089,476 km2 233/km2 (2030 est) Urceopolis Constitutional monarchy Latinic Julian Ænglish Levantine Catholic Church PC
Usutairu – Allied States of Usutairu Punth 258,605,000 $11.5 trillion $44,630 1,339,568 km2 193.05/km2 Kusukaru Constitutional monarchy Asiatic Usutairese TBD PC
Varshan – Worshipful Realm of Varshan Crona 747,010,625 TBD TBD 7,931,165 km2 94.8/km2 Anzo Theocratic absolute monarchy Meso-American Hieratic Varshani Arzalism NPC
Western Alpachnee Confederation - Western Alpachnee Confederation Crona TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Meso-American TBD TBD NPC
Wonjin – Illustrious Principality of Wonjin Punth 65,622,430 $548 billion $8,344.54 1,084,298 km2 61/km2 N/A Constitutional monarchy Asiatic Wonjean Presbyterianism NPC
Xingkai'pei – Xingkaipese Union Punth 347,569,060 $1.77 trillion $5,088.97 1,139,286 km2 310/km2 Jiushi Unitary one-party republic Asiatic Mandarin(Corummese?) Fajia NPC
Yanuban – Great Southern Republic Audonia 359,955,560 $541 billion $1,502.11 1,574,247 km2 230/km2 N/A Federal republic Arabo-Persian Shihhi Arabic Islam NPC
Yonderre – Serene Grand Duchy Yonderre Levantia 98,450,212 $5.81 trillion $59,060 1,261,700 km2 78/km2 Collinebourg TBD Romance Burgoignesc Levantine Catholic Church PC
Yytuskia-Helvana – Dual Federal Republics of Yytuskia-Helvana Levantia 86,389,120 $4.65 trillion $53,960 670,179.12 km2 TBD Hauptstadt-Muhl/Turasava Constitutional monarchy ruling over both a Bicameralism parliament, and a Federal Soviet Anglo-Gothic Yytusche/Helvanic/Junglish Levantine Catholic Church PC

Disputed Territory

There are a handful of territories whose existence, sovereignty, recognition, and so on are in question.

Territory Name Sovereignty disputes Notes
 Kartejya Claimed by   Ehemo and   Pankara Both Ehemo, the partially-recognized state of the Republika Kartejya, and Pankara claim Kartejya in part or entirely in Kartejya's case. The territory of the Republika Kartejya is comprised of territory that prior to declaration of independence was a part of Kartesian Automjha, Ehemo and Diakratys Majal, Pankara.
Wintergen Claimed by   Burgundie and   Kiravia While Burgundie has ruled the island since the 1820s, Kiravia has not dissolved their government-in-exile

Non-Sovereign Territories

In addition to sovereign and disputed states, there are several colonies, dependencies, occupation zones, and protectorates of sovereign powers, as well as several common areas under the jurisdiction of the League of Nations.

Territory Name Suzerain/Protector Location Notes
Land of the Long Night Urcea Crona Mandate of the League of Nations