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Federal Forestry Service
Rektārkax Kelvakrāstax Termakorvin
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Agency overview
HeadquartersKartika, District of Coīnvra
Agency executive
  • Castán E.L.M. Tannin, Chief Forester
Parent departmentTerritorial Secretariat

The Federal Forestry Service (Coscivian: Rektārkax Kelvakrāstax Termakorvin) is the Kiravian government agency responsible for forestry. It is specifically charged with the conservation and management of the nation's designated Federal Forests, conducting scientific research of relevance to forestry, and providing support to the forestry agencies of state and territorial governments.

The Forestry Service is under the purview of the Territorial Secretariat. It is a uniformed service with a paramilitary hierarchy of ranks and pay grades. As part of its responsibility to manage vast areas of land, some of which are home to resident populations, the Forestry Service operates the second-largest system of roads in the Federacy after the Interstate Highway System, a police force - the Federal Forest Police, and an extensive aviation fleet, including the Aerial Forest-Firefighting Wing (Coscivian: Asûrisíbidutrakelvaspórdrānk).