General Association of Daxian Residents Abroad

The General Association of Daxian Residents Abroad (Daxian:我们是间谍)' is a non-governmental organization that aims to represent the interests of ethnic Daxian residents in other nations and works preserve their cultural traditions, independently from official Daxian diplomatic and cultural organs. The association was created in 1995 in Tabish, Rusana and it opened more branches in several Alshar countries in the following decade. It boasts that around 75% of all Daxian living overseas are formally enrolled in the association, a claim disputed by other expatriate and exile groupings. A few nations such as the Cape have banned the association from operating in their territory on suspicion of working as a fifth column for the Daxiaese government.


Association headquarters in Mirzak


The national branches of the association each maintain several departments focused on providing various forms of assistance to the Daxian communities they serve. The department of Economic Development has a business incubator that helps local Daxian acquire loans from the Alshar Development Bank, link up with prospective investors with experience in the desired sector and provides low cost accounting services from firms it keeps on retainer.


  • Metzetta Branch-47,526 associates
  • Rusana Branch-182,654 associates
  • Tanhai Branch-308,645 associates
  • Stenza Branch- 26,548 associates
  • Canpei Branch-33,659 associates
  • Kiravian Federacy Branch-759 associates
  • Caergwynn Branch-2,850 associates