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The Ankh one of many crosses in the Kiravnian Sectariat

Kiravian Sectarians

Kiravian Sectarians is a broad term for Christian sects in Kiravia that are neither in communion with the the major apostolic churches (Levantine Catholic, Coscivian Orthodox, Insular Apostolic, and [sometimes, see below] Eastern Orthodox) nor of discernibly Protestant heritage. It encompasses a number of small and medium denominations, some of which emerged in separations from the larger apostolic churches and differ from them primarily in liturgy, culture, or comparatively minor points of doctrine, while others are born of new theological and political movements or are rooted in ancient theological tendencies condemned as heretical by the ecumenical councils recognised by the major churches.

Most Sectarian groups are liturgical in character, observe all or most of the seven sacraments (with some celebrating additional sacraments), and claim apostolic succession. Many, especially the smaller denominations, were established by individuals or small groups of adherents to express a particular religious charism, and were supplied with apostolic succession by episcopi vagantes.

The higher degree of sectarian diversity in Kiravia compared with that of other countries with an apostolic Christian heritage is attributed to Kiravia's internal cultural and linguistic diversity, helvikor patrá and the unwillingness of the state to enforce religious orthodoxy, and less political centralisation and social homogenisation due to the later and briefer onset of nationalism.

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15 aug Urcea and Caphiria strike historic deal
Urcea and Caphiria come to an agreement on the permanent status of Ecinis and Dorhaven.
25 jul United Kingdom declares Roseney a Crown Colony
After months of crisis, Roseney willingly becomes a crown colony of the United Kingdom.
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October in history
1576 Bekshavn
October 31, Bekshavn, the capital of the Grand Duchy of Dübenneck, in the Great Principality of Burgundie was granted city rights in the Great Principality of Burgundie
1429 Order of the Obsidian Sparrow
October 12, the Order of the Obsidian Sparrow is founded by decree of the Pope
1725 Øst Kandoora
October 15, founding of the Burgundian West Punth Trading Company colony in Øst Kandoora
1725 Federative Republic of Insui
October 30, establishment of Republic of Insui under a constitution in the northernmost portion of continental Ixnay, then consisting of Alexandria, the Bicarian islands, and Milan