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The logo of the Shaftonist-Republican Alliance

Shaftonist-Republican Alliance

The Shaftonist-Republican Alliance is a big-tent cadre of moderate parties and independents in the Kiravian Cambrium broadly united by a shared belief in a capitalist-leaning mixed economy, economic growth and development, Shaftonist political theory, and pragmatism. Formed by a merger of three opposition cadres during Kirosocialism, the SRA and its allies defeated the Kirosocialists in 21185 and undertook a program of political and economic reform that allowed for explosive economic growth and the rise of Kiravia as an international power. The Shaftonist-Republicans have remained the governing cadre uninterrupted since 21185, and have led the pro-administration camp in support of the past four Prime Executives: Cólsylva, Rénkédar, Mérovin, and Candrin. The SRA is a big-tent cadre. Many Shaftonist-Republican politicians, activists, and journalists have advanced the idea that the cadre represents an authentic ideology that draws on a variety of traditions, including Shaftonist political thought, the Kuhlfrosian liberal tradition of the Kilikas Enlightenment, Neo-Urcean democracy, neoclassical economics, and (in foreign policy) the political realist school of thought dominant among international relations scholars in Kiravia and Burgundie.

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  • Yytuskia and Palmeria agree to a joint effort to modernize Palmeria's aged fossil-fuel energy sector, with Yytuskia supplying the Palmerian government with the technical know-how and building expertise to build the Planta Prometeo nuclear powerplant, on the outskirts of Azufaifa. Yytuskia will also supply a ten-year contract for enriched Thorium for the plant. In return, Yytuskia's navy will be able to be based out of a Palmerian deep-water port.
  • The League of Nations debates passage of the Nature Preserve Act, with some nations questioning Urcean motivations in siting the reserve.