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Air Insui Flight 6664

Air Insui Flight 6664 was an Air Insui flight that was hijacked on 18 December 1988 by the Free Palmeria Group of Port de Vent in the air over the Sea of Canete. The terrorists murdered five passengers and their intention was to crash the plane into the Vilauristre skyline. When the aircraft reached Collinebourg, DELTA, a counter-terror unit of the Yonderian Defence Force, stormed the plane and killed all four hijackers. The Free Palmeria Group had targeted this particular flight because of the flight's final destination in Grand Isle International Airport and the percieved number of Burgundian passengers. Their ideology and primary goal was for Port de Vent either to be ceeded to Palmeria or gain independence. The attack was planned over a three month period. The weaponry smuggled onboard was acquired on the black market a month prior to the highjacking. The intended goal of the hijacking was to crash the plane into the skyline of Burgundie's capital city Vilauristre. The hijackers boarded Flight 6664 alongside the rest of the passengers in the early evening of December 18th, 1988. They had managed to smuggle two sub machineguns, four pistols, knives and a hand grenade onboard with them. Approximately 20 minutes after takeoff, the hijackers left their seats and made their way to the cockpit. After a brief fight with the crew the hijackers established control over the cockpit. Although they had no flight experience they had counted on being able to intimidate the pilots to follow their orders. The hijackers made an announcement over the plane's intercom falsely stating that they intended to ransom the plane upon arriving in Burgundie.

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15 aug Urcea and Caphiria strike historic deal
Urcea and Caphiria come to an agreement on the permanent status of Ecinis and Dorhaven.
25 jul United Kingdom declares Roseney a Crown Colony
After months of crisis, Roseney willingly becomes a crown colony of the United Kingdom.
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2026 Argaea
December 2, Burgundie releases its territory Antarktis Burgund to form the Technocracy of Argaea at the request of the Oligarchia grammaticorum
1079 Cathedral of St. Mattius
December 24, BergesKirke rededicated and the cornerstone for the Cathedral of St. Mattius was laid in Kongerhus, Burgundie
1641 Seige of Toubourg
December 2, the Peasant Army began their Siege of Toubourg, ending with an unsuccesful assault on February 18th 1642.