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The seal of the Oduniyyad Caliphate

Audonian Golden Age

The Golden Age is the period of Audonian history spanning the duration of the Oduniyyad Caliphate’s dominance in Audonia, western South Punth, and parts of southern Ixnay. It lasted from 624 until 1517. It generally correlates with the medieval period in the Occidental world. Following the collapse of the great empires of Classical Antiquity in northern Ixnay and southern Levantia, those continent’s states fragmented into a myriad of disjointed petty kingdoms. During this period Audonia experienced unprecedented unity and growth.

The Caliphate period is considered the Golden Age of Audonia and hosted the most scientifically, medically, and mathematically advanced civilization in Greater Ixnay at that time. Under the auspices of the Oduniyyad Caliphate, the Great Library of Muqadas hosted an academy that drew the world’s best philosophers, poets, mathematicians, astronomers, physicians, physicists, engineers. It was also a period of dramatic religious and military expansion. Starting with the conquest of the cities of Muqadas and Al-Aqdis until the Caliphate spanned three continents, the Oduniyyad Muslims grew a massive, multi-cultural, and tolerant empire that left a lasting mark across most of the southern hemisphere of Greater Ixnay. The empire’s greatest extent was reached in 1028. In 1031 a massive split occurred with the Shia faction dominating the Caliphate’s territory in South Punth. The core of the empire remained strong in Audonia and southern Ixnay.

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In the News
15 aug Urcea and Caphiria strike historic deal
Urcea and Caphiria come to an agreement on the permanent status of Ecinis and Dorhaven.
25 jul United Kingdom declares Roseney a Crown Colony
After months of crisis, Roseney willingly becomes a crown colony of the United Kingdom.
jan 04
June in history
930 Kongerhus
Kongerhus, the capital of the Principality of Burgundie, in the Great Principality of Burgundie is estimated to have been first settled
1148 Revenue Guard
The celebration of the founding of the Burgundian Revenue Guard, actual date disputed
1823 Wintergen
Enterprising NordHallish shipwrights formed the Burgundian North Levantine Company (BNLC) and occupied the timber camps of Kiravian Wintergen