Escal Isles

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The Escal Isles archipelago, a general name for the island chain that was once either under direct control or influenced by the Caphirian government in C─âtare. It is coterminous with the eastern extent of the Austronesian peoples, having a unique subculture from the rest of the natives from Orxital, and a generally common language as each other.

It includes the islands of Kabao, Nivai, Sudmoll, Trichi, etc. They have a total area of about XXX km2 and a combined population of almost XXX million, and include two non-sovereign states, Escal, Caphiria and Sudmoll, Burgundie.


The native population of the Escal Isles archipelago call the islands Tusapuluq (Eng: Ten (islands) standing together). Their mythology states that they came to the island on the backs of turtles around the 13th century. It is assumed that their mythology must be based on some variety of a realistic timeline and excavations in parts of the Escal Isles have loosely corroborated an arrival of native populations between the 11th and 14th centuries. It is further assumed that the native populations started in the southwestern Ota'Ane and over the centuries migrated further east and north, likely settling Motukairangi last.