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Introduced 21175
TLD Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Kiravia Online
Sponsor Kiravian Internet Organisation
Intended use Entities related to the Kiravian Federacy
Actual use Popular in Kiravia and for transnational Coscivian web media, showing some decline since the introduction of internationalised TLDs.
Registration restrictions Presence requirement liberalised in recent years
Structure All levels of registration open.
Dispute policies None
Website www.kiravialíonē.kr

.kr is the internet top-level domain associated with the Kiravian Federacy.

In speech, Coscivian-speakers pronounce the domain suffix as dótkaro, ka and ro being the Coscivian names for the Latin letters 'k' and 'r', the latter having been conflated with the Greek rho. Dótkaro is often declined as if it were a third-declension noun (e.g. "the owners of greaterixnay.kr" would be émurya greaterixnay-dótkarosk), but this is considered poor form in written language.


The .kr domain was launched in 21175 by the Kiravian Internet Organisation (at that time a government agency under the Signals Executive) to promote a Kiravian presence on the World Wide Web and secure the benefits of internet use for Kiravian economic development. The domain is an acronym of the Federacy's official short-form name in Kiravic, Kiravix Rektārka. The domain enjoyed steady increases in use as the Kiravian information technology sector began to grow and government-driven projects promoted domestic internet use, but the Kirosocialist government's strict regulations and a bureaucratic registration process stymied growth by pushing Kiravian webmasters toward foreign or generic domains.

After the end of Kirosocialism in 21185, the Kiravian Internet Organisation was restructured as a quasi-governmental organisation, and the Kiravia Online registry was privatised as a nonprofit corporation. Simplification of the registration process, coupled with the explosive growth in the Kiravian tech sector and internet use by Kiravians spurred a deluge of new registrations.


Generic subdomains

  • .ārk.kr - Federal government (fr. ārka, "government")
  • .co.kr - Commercial use
  • .hér.kr - Military use (fr. hérsan, "military")
  • .isk.kr - Nonprofit organisations (fr. iskorvin, "organisation")
  • .iśn.kr - Kiravite Aboriginal entities (fr. Iśnabirem)
  • .pst.kr - Email services (fr. pistor, "the act of sending")
  • .ion.kr - Island-related sites (fr. ion, "island")

Federal subjects

Every federal subject of the Kiravian Federacy is granted a three-letter .kr second-level domain identical to its postal abbreviation, (e.g. .mrd.kr for Meridia, .niy.kr for Niyasca). These domains are utilised mostly by government agencies of the federal subjects, municipal governments, and civil society groups with strong local foci.

Special subdomains

  • .acps.kr - For use by the Allied Coalition for Popular Sovereignty and its member states without ccTLDs of their own.
  • .ak.kr - Entities located in Great Kirav (fr. Ambrix Kiravia)
  • .wiki.kr - Wikis


Under the original registration policy of 21175, .kr domains are available to:

  • Citizens and other nationals of the Kiravian Federacy
  • Corporations, associations, and other entities incorporated or legally operating in the Federacy

In 21190, the policy was extended to allow registrations by

  • Entities with a bona fide Kiravian focus or interest
  • Foreign-nexus organisations and services with a transnational, pan-Coscivian market, userbase, or focus
  • Pro-Kiravian political or civil society entities operating abroad

In 21197, in order to promote use, Kiravia Online announced that it would be liberalising its registration policy to allow for more foreign registrations, but promised that the 21190 rules would be reīnstated and foreign registrations capped before they became "sufficiently numerous to dilute the Kiravian ethos of the domain."

Domain Hacks

Since the 21197 liberalisation, .kr has enjoyed a great deal of use for domain hacks, such as the scripting community ha.kr, the Islamic forum abuba.kr, and the Hekuvian-based paparazzi outlet stal.kr. The domain motherfu.kr was purchased by Kiravian venture capitalist Varus Ēsorvitan and auctioned for ◊670,000 to benefit an œsophageal cancer research fund.

Significant .kr Websites

  • spacebar.kr - The largest social network site in the Coscivian world, serving billions of users annually.
  • wiretap.kr - Podcast and webradio hub.
  • coscivsquat.kr - A humour site featuring amusing photographs of working-class Kiravian culture, popular across Ixnay.
  • kenþrysta.kr - Wiki-based encyclopædia in High Coscivian, considered an information-age successor to the Great Iatic Encyclopædias.
  • fidxeûyren.kr - Online competition platform for fidxen and other traditional Coscivian boardgames.
  • ardidan.kr - Translated as Placetalk. Originally launched as an aggregator of open-source statistics and news on particular localities for the real estate market, the site's discussion forum took on a life of its own, and is now the third-largest on the Coscivian web by post volume and fifth-largest by usership, covering any and all topics.
  • kirośetantra.kr - Leading newssite for Kiravian football, sampakuv, shinty, wife-carrying, beer-pong, and other Kiravian sports.
  • é-ēln.kr - Translated as "Is Potato!", a site for sharing photographs of prized potatoes, potato-based recipes, and the rich Kiravian genre of potato-related humour.
  • pribdodd.kr - Official website of the Church of Dodd.
  • groundcloud.co.kr - English-language online coffee vendor with an Ixnay-wide market.