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Kiravian Federacy

Kiravix Rektārka
Flag of Kiravia
Emblem of Kiravia
Motto: Cia Aslovniūn ūos Lōmin
Go Forth and Begin
Largest cityValēka
Official languagesKiravic Coscivian
Ethnic groups
GovernmentAsymmetric federal republic
Andrus Candrin
LegislatureFederal Stanora
CurrencySaar (KFS)
Time zoneValēka Standard Time
Driving sideleft
Calling code+47

Kiravia (Coscivian: Kiravix Rektārka ), officially the Kiravian Federacy, is a pluricontinental political union (a federacy) centred on the island continent of Great Kirav. The heartland of Coscivian civilisation in Ixnay, over the past several centuries Kiravia has gradually evolved from a reclusive and isolated backwater nation into a major economic and strategic power, with strong influence in the rest of Kiroborea, the Odoneru Basin, and Crona.