Arabella IX

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Arabella IX
Arabella IX during her coronation in 2018
Sultan of Zaclaria
Reign8 July 2018 - present
Coronation1 August 2018
PredecessorMalinah El-Ouasria V
Imperatrix of Caphiria

Augusta and Mater Patriae
Reign1 Jan 2035 - present
PredecessorPrincess Eirene of Lusitania
BornArabella Al-Fassara IX
17 Oct 1990 (age 36) [1]
Suladarian Palace, Mahabis Governorate, Zaclaria
m. 2022)
Full name
Arabella Samirari Al-Fassara Salvangardo IX
FatherJihani Marouni Al-Fassara
MotherAsgari Tatirə Al-Fassara

Arabella IX (أرابيلا التاسعة; Arabella Samirari Al-Fassara IX; born 17 Oct 1990) is the current Sultana of Zaclaria since 2018.

As a member of the ruling royal family of Zaclaria - the Al-Fassara Dynasty, Arabella IX is a direct descendant of the founder of Zaclaria, Tehminevra Al-Fassara. As a child, she was sent to travel the world and become Tatirə, or well-learned. Arabella spent several years traveling across the Kiravian Federacy, particularly in the island territory of Atrassica where she spent time learning about the two native tribal groups on the island, the Massapíkva, and Minnéola. She also spent several months hiking through the Verastia Territory and climbed Mount Xýssyrov by herself. She also spent a year in Bulkh to gain a better perspective on the rich and violent history that existed there.

Arabella's world travels were cut suddenly short when she received word that her queen-sister Malinah El-Ouasria V had died in labor and that the child hadn't survived either. In Zaclarian custom, the line of succession is through matrilineal primogeniture which meant that Arabella was the heir apparent. She assumed the Zaclarian throne in the summer of 2018 and had her coronation the following year. As the head of state of Zaclaria, she is both the secular political leader and the "Commander of the Faithful" as a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed. Up until her marriage, she was directly involved in the administrative affairs of Zaclaria; she has since delegated daily affairs to her adoptive sister and heir presumptive, Nastricia Ul-Hudabah.

In 2022, she married Constantinus I, the current Imperator of Caphiria, and became the first foreign-born wife of an Imperator in modern Caphirian history. The marriage of Constantinus I and Arabella IX was initially going to be highly secretive and personal, primarily to try to control how Caphirians and the world would react to such an interesting match. Arabella had heard much of Constantinus during her travels as a teenager and was fascinated with his upbringing as she thought it mirrored her own. She had thought about not inviting him to the coronation upon allegedly hearing that Constantinus was inclined to have affairs with royal women, and it wasn't until Constantinus had arrived in Zaclaria on his own accord before her coronation that their relationship truly began. They married in secret in 2022 at the São João Catholic church in Aumém, located within the Tryhstian Littoral. The day after the Coronation of Constantinus I, Constantinus declared Arabella to be Imperatrix of Caphiria, effectively naming her the queen of Caphiria although only in name. Additionally, he granted her two titles: Mater Patriae ("Mother of the Fatherland"), and Augusta (the feminine form of Augustus meaning "venerable").

Today, Arabella IX is a highly public and influential person. She is often a mediator in settling conflicts among the aristocracy, she is a prominent figure of the Office of the Imperium and is highly selective in recommending who will be delegated which responsibilities within the Imperium. She is also reported to have some strong alliances with significant journalists across the world and has been labeled a key player in shaping Caphiria's global image. As she speaks almost every major language to some degree of fluency, Arabella has also been pivotal in tasks such as drafter and spokesperson for the Imperium's policies, adviser to the Imperator, and being a symbol of Caphirian concern or support.

  1. as of IC 2026